Thursday, November 18, 2010

The 23 Week Belly

How far along:  23 weeks   (I'm starting to get the feeling of having a beach ball in my belly when I bend over!)

Best Moment of the Week: Putting up our Christmas tree on Sunday!  Yes, it's way too early, but I really couldn’t wait and after a little begging and pleading, I convinced Kai to bring in the decoration boxes :-D  

BTW, we get another peek at our little guy tomorrow!!  I can hardly wait!  Maybe this time I’ll get around to scanning in the u/s pictures to share them.  I miss LLUMC and how they put them on a cd for us.  It made it so much easier to share online.  Oh well, enough complaining, I will definitely try to make it a priority ;-) 

Movement:  All the time!    

Food Craving: Nothing too out of the ordinary.  Lots of citrus still.   

What I'm looking forward to: My mom coming to visit, maternity clothes shopping this weekend, Black Friday, and seeing our little guy tomorrow! 

Weekly Wisdom:  Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be.
-- Carrie Fisher

Big Brother:  He’s becoming so helpful!  He has been “helping” me cook in the kitchen and loves it.  He’s also pretty independent.  If I take something away from him that he’s not supposed to have and set it on the kitchen counter, he’ll push a chair over, climb up, and retrieve it.  I tried not to laugh the first time he pulled that stunt, but it was hard.  Now I’m getting more creative. 

Our biggest battle right now is that he’s been trying to skip nap time every day for the last couple of weeks.  I gave in and figured he was done with naps, but the dr. said that he needed it and I needed to let him cry it out.  It’s agonizing to hear him cry it out, but I know he needs it.  He was a perfect napper until a few weeks ago.  So now I'm praying for strength and am very happy that the baby monitor has a volume control.  

Nursery: We’re going to pick out a few things this weekend…  


  1. The outgrowing of naps is hard. Not sure if it is harder for the kiddo or mom!!

    Maybe you can skip nap every other day. The evening might be rough, and K will find he NEEDS/WANTS to nap the next day. G never needed as much sleep as "the doctors" said. Once he started school, he was ready for bed with no hassle. He still goes to bed early (wellll.....earlier than all his buddies. Lights are out at 8PM here!)
    C needed naps but if he took one too late in the day, he would never go to sleep at night. So with him, it was either keep him awake (picture me reaching back to tickle his feet to keep him awake while I was driving)and deal with the cranky baby by bedtime OR wake him up after 30 min and deal with the cranky baby. But he would sleep at night then. Once again, once he started school, the need for sleep took over and there is very little arguing at lights out.

    Good luck!!

  2. Love the tummy pics!! SO FABULOUS to do face time with you all - makes the miles/days fly away!!!

    The nap thing is tough, but know you'll make the best determination for Kasen and his needs!!!

    So excited to hear/see pics of the new baby - if it's still an 85% little guy or....

    And to shop - what fun!!!

    Love you forever ~ Mom/Nini