Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The "Junk"

I know, almost 2 weeks!!  Things have been busy around our home.  My mom came to visit for a week at Thanksgiving and we had a great time.  It was sad to see her leave so soon, but we had so much fun while it lasted.  Hopefully we'll be visiting her soon.  

As promised, here are the ultrasound pictures of our little guy!  Yes, after the last appointment (and a much better u/s tech), we got several clear shots and are 100% sure he's a boy!!  If you've had an u/s before, then you'll probably know what you're looking at.  If not, don't worry if it just looks like a bunch of blobs because that's what it always looked like to me before I had my first one.  
 This is his profile shot from our 19 week u/s.  It was clearer than the one from our 23 week u/s.
From our 23 week u/s.  Like I said, you kind of have to know what you're looking at.  He's sitting on the camera, so you're seeing his butt and boy parts.  
Again, this is a similar shot to the above one.  

Looks like K will be having a brother close in age.  We are very excited and still working on names...wish us luck!


  1. GmE Nini's first glimpse of the little grandguy!! SOOOOOO exciting! Couldn't figure out what the "junk" or "stuff" was, but then - aha - light dawned!! Thought it was the "goods"!!! Love you all forever ~

  2. I love u/s pics! Although the real ones are better! Can't wait to see the new little man!!!!!