Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treat!!

We had so much fun trick or treating again this year.  K actually understood what was going on this time.  We dressed him up as an astronaut (with his warm pj's on underneath since it had snowed that day).  When we took him up to the houses, he set his bucket down and waited for them to give him candy.  Once they gave him a piece he reached in their bowl and tried to pull out another!  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't break him of this habit.  Everyone thought it was really cute though and gave him 2 pieces anyway.  I guess that's the advantage of being 20 months old and trick or treating ;-)  He thanked everyone by blowing them kisses and won over many new admirers.  

Kai and I dressed up too just for fun.  Since we both have scrubs already, it made for an easy and cheap costume.  I was this close to buying us real costumes this year, but the ones I liked would have cost nearly $100, so I passed knowing that we could get by with the scrub routine for another year.  Kai ended up getting a patient from the whole ordeal--completely unexpectedly.  When we were at one of the houses, the owner of the house realized that the stethoscope wasn't just a dress up one and asked what Kai did for work.  We tried to explain that it was just part of the costume, but he pressed us, so Kai explained that he was the new dentist in town and the man wanted to set up an appointment.  Crazy!  I'm sure it was great PR--a dentist asking for candy!  lol!  

Here are the pictures:

 Our little astronaut
 Waving to his fans--yes, he'll be around later for autographs ;-)  
 Even astronauts pick their noses sometimes...
 Peeking at his loot.  We hadn't given him candy before, but we gave him a Kit Kat after the day was done and I'll just say that it was love at first bite!  
 He was so excited and that made the night all the more fun!
 He kept trying to take his over sized hat off.  We eventually gave in and just put his warm hat on even though it didn't match.  

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