Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We hope 2011 has been a great year for you!  It proved to be full of change, adventure, and new life for our family.  I don’t even know where to begin…

The early part of the year found us nestled in a cozy home, on a bubbling river, surrounded by heaps of snow in beautiful Vermont.  Kasen awoke every morning to build new routes for his trains, enjoy play dates with friends, go to his gym class, and help Mommy, who was very pregnant with Baby Brother.  Kai was making plans to purchase the dental practice where he had been working and was excited about the possibility of ownership.  Yet, just as we were in the middle of the paperwork, the deal fell through.  Trying to plan our next steps, Kai realized that he didn’t want to continue working for the practice if he would not be purchasing it, so he put in his 2 month notice and we began making plans for another move.  California and Michigan were at the top of our list because we have family and friends in both places.  We weighed out the options and chose California because of the great weather and active life we could enjoy. 

On March 11, just twelve days before we left Vermont, Kelton Everett Anders was born.  He was perfect!  His bright blue eyes and reddish hue made him melt our hearts from the moment we laid eyes on him.  He has captured our love and is so much a part of our family that we wonder what life was like before him.  He’s such a happy baby almost all of the time.  His smile can light up a room and his laugh is absolutely contagious!   He also is the only one in our family who can be called a true Vermonter! (which is quite a feat!)

12 days after Kelton arrived, we said goodbye to the beautiful state of Vermont and the friends (who felt like family) we had made during our time there.  We made a stop in MI on the way to CA to introduce Kelton to the family.  While in MI, Kai toured the brand new medical facility his dad had been working on, which is also the same company his stepmom, Bev, works for as a midwife.  The medical facility sees all patients regardless of income level and has various specialties in one building including an impressive dental wing.  On seeing this and learning that working for this company also provided loan repayment, Kai decided he would make a call just to see if they needed another dentist to join their team.  When he contacted them, they told him that they needed a dentist in another location, but they were fully staffed at the new facility.  Kai thanked them for their time, but declined an interview for the other location. 

When we moved to CA, Kai didn’t have a job lined up, but he was very diligent about looking.  The first week there he had 2 interviews and 2 job offers as a result.  Life was going great and we loved every second of it.  Kai was enjoying his work and I was really enjoying my life as a stay at home mom in Southern CA.  Our days were filled with trips to the beach, play dates with long time friends, classes at the gym for Kasen, and just getting outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.  Several months after we arrived, Kai received a call from the office in MI stating that they were adding a dentist position to the new facility and offered him the position.   This was such a surprise!  We were enjoying everything in CA, yet the MI offer was very compelling.  We prayed and talked and talked and prayed about the decision.  We never thought that after moving all the way across the country again we would be ready to pick things up 6 months later and move most of the way back, but that’s exactly what happened.  We realized that it was too good of an opportunity to pass up and while it seemed foolish to leave a good, steady, full-time position in CA that Kai enjoyed, we had the distinct impression that we were making the right choice. 

So this Christmas season finds us closing on our new home just in time for Christmas within walking distance to the beach and next to the new Jack Nicklaus golf course.  Kai loves his job and has a great team that he works with (thankfully he's been blessed with a great team at every job!).  One of his favorite things about his new job is that while he sees the general population, he's also able to to serve those in our community that need, but can't afford quality care.  It's a very rewarding position.  The boys and I love it here too.  Our days here have been filled with house hunting, time with family and friends, trips to “our” beach, outings to the local museums and family attractions, and and even some dates for Kai and I (a rare treat before!).  After so many years, we are back where it all began for us.  It’s been so much fun to go back to the places where we started dating.  It has been a long and eventful journey to get to this point, but we are breathing in the sweet relief that comes only after having been through an experience such as this.  :-)

We hope that amidst all the holiday bustle and activity, your holidays are filled with special moments among cherished friends and family too! 

With the Warmest Christmas Wishes,

Kai, Kristi, Kasen, and Kelton

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” ~Proverbs 16:9

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Local Photo Session

I had some fun with the camera today!  Saw some great looking places on my drive last week that screamed "photo session!!!" and couldn't resist the opportunity to grab a few pictures of my favorite little guys!  I had a great time shooting these (Kai took the ones of the boys and I together).  I know I haven't given any updates yet on our status, but I promise I will soon...  In the meantime, enjoy some pictures!



Monday, September 26, 2011

It's no secret that we have a lot of changes taking place...most of you are well aware of everything going on, but I will post more when things settle a bit to keep everyone updated on the new developments :-)  Thanks for your patience!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

11 Quantified

Today we are celebrating 11 extraordinary years of marriage.  It has been a crazy, wonderful, adventurous, unforgettable love story in the making.  Here's a fun little quantification of our 11 years together and some little known facts.  

10 months:  length of engagement
16 jobs (includes college jobs, year abroad, and parenting!)
7 homes lived in (6 rented, 3 without dishwashers)
1 house owned
3 states we've resided in
2 countries lived in
5 continents toured
17 countries visited
14 number of states Ketlon had traveled through by the time he was 1 month old
32 states visited together since marriage (and 2 while dating)
14 number of rolls of film used on our trip to Europe
0 number of good pictures actually taken in Europe
9 cars owned (3 Hondas, 3 Dodge, 2 Ford, 1 GMC)
4 degrees earned and one more in process
624 Roses (the approximate number of roses from Kai while living in Korea.)
65 Shared flights taken together since marriage
23 number of flights Kasen has taken in his short 2 1/2 years
14 consecutive hours spent gripping holding Kai's hand during a particularly long and scary flight.  You may not know from how much we've flown together that I have a major fear of flying.
8 number of dollars per hour I worked for when we were first married
30 number of minutes spent waiting for Kai to "break into" our house after our wedding because we locked our keys inside (by climbing in through the upstairs kitchen window while wearing his tuxedo).  
1,428 number of pop cans collected and redeemed for our 5 year anniversary.  We were so broke, but loved to celebrate. 
140 dollars spent on our 5 year anniversary meal at the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.
2 number of hours we were stuck in a traffic jam on the way to our 1st honeymoon hotel.  I didn't mind that traffic jam!
21 the number of consecutive days spent sleeping in a tent for an extended backpacking trip. 
38 the % of my life I've been married
34 the % of Kai's life married
10 days:  the longest we have been apart
12 the number of tomato, mozzarella, and french bread sandwiches eaten in France in 3 days (the plight of a vegetarian who doesn't speak the language)
nights spent in a hospital
3 place settings of our formal china owned
1250 price paid for my wedding dress
14248 minimum number of family prayers said
0 number of nights spent sleeping apart from anger.  We promised we would always work a fight out before heading to bed.  Some nights have been very late, but never alone.  
30 stamps in my passport, which was issued 3 years after we were married.  I love looking through our passports and reminiscing. 
91 years is the longest recorded marriage
82 years current longest married couple alive today
4017 days we've currently been married
5,784,480 Number of minutes married
½: size of the carat of my engagement ring
4 months Kai spent working as a nurses aid, changing poopy diapers, to buy my engagement ring.  One dedicated guy!   
8 ½:  the number of  years married before having kids 
400:  approximate number of people who attended our wedding
Thousands: number of cuddling times
Tens of thousands:  approximate number of kisses shared
Millions:  Number of times Kai has crossed my mind. 
extremely adorable little boys created as a result of all of this
Countless:  the number of unforgettable moments shared 

Happy Anniversary to the One I call,  "Wonderful", "Love", "Honey", and more... and has shown me how beautiful marriage can be, how loved I can feel, and how much love my heart can hold.  

Here's a song that was performed at our wedding: (though I couldn't find the official music video :-(

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Anatomy of a Boy's Face

Thankfully all were "fixed" by Mommy's kisses, and an ice cold Popsicle.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Away--Father's Day

 Last weekend we spent Father's Day in the mountains in Kai's cousin's cabin.  It has an absolutely gorgeous view of the valley!  The air is cleaner, the views are spectacular, and it's a little slower paced from the normal day-to-day.  Kasen seemed to love it as well.  He couldn't stop pointing out all the mountains he could see and picking up all the sticks and pine cones, etc. he could find. 

 The start of sunset
 Showing off their Michigan clothes from Grandma and Papa 
 Evening setting in
 A special treat.  How many times do you see a heart in the clouds???
 Father's Day morning
 The valley sacked in
 Gotta love those morning eyes :-)
 Afternoon hike

 Kelton's favorite spot--as close to me as he can be!  I love it!  (And I know I'll miss it someday!)

Of course, Kasen's famous string in the mouth shot!  I'll have to do a series over the months/years.  

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.  
~Marc Brown