Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends and Family,

This year has been extremely simple for us and I cannot tell you how happy that has made me!  After the last couple of years, I finally feel like we have started to settle and I have enjoyed living the simple life this last year.  

This annual update is not as exciting as some recent years.  We have been busy, but only with the things that keep everyone busy.  We have made new friends, and renewed old friendships with friends we have not seen in years.  We played outside in the mild and sunny weather all summer enjoying the grass and the beach.  We ran 4 races including 1 half marathon.  We took our annual CA trip in February and loved it, as always.  Kai bought a practice and is extremely happy with his decision.  We have enjoyed adding little touches to the office and watching it grow.  Kai has been blessed, yet again, with a great staff and great patients.  He still works 2 days at the health clinic serving the underserved local population and finds it very rewarding.  Our home is constantly filled with the noises of our boisterous children--laughing, talking, singing, and yes, even screaming.  It’s also regularly filled with the laughter of friends and family.  We still have school loans and a house mortgage, but we are so happy to be experiencing the richness of a simple life. 

We hope that your year has been just as wonderful whether in the simplicity or in the fullness of life.  Merry Christmas!