Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Midwest Trip

As promised, here are some pictures from my Midwest trip to visit my MIL a couple of weeks ago.  As you may recall she had surgery and is recovering, so we went to spend a little time to try and help her out and keep her company as she was pretty much home bound.  We also got to see many friends and family while we were there.  I managed to get some great pictures between my MIL’s and my own camera, but there were several times I forgot :-(  We saw K’s cousins from 3 siblings and I only got pictures with 1 set and I also forgot to get pictures with others that we visited with, but they know we love them anyway!  Honestly, being a “single parent” for those 10 days was hard enough.  I’m surprised I managed to get any pictures!    

 K played at the park a couple of times and loved the new "toys"

Helping Nini with her "Zoom-Zoom"!!
 He met my Grandparents horses which he wasn't too fond of.  I think they scared him because they were so big.  I have so many great memories growing up riding their horses.  These are not the ones I grew up with, though those horses lived into their 30's and had a long life.
 He liked this view much better from Great Papa's golf cart.  
 K with Nana--also known by me as my Grammy.  
K with his Great Papa, my Grandpa, on his golf cart.  
 Playing peek-a-boo at Grandma and Papa's house.
 Riding Quick Silver.  I now frequently spend money on these rides.  In Meijers (one of my favorite Midwest grocery stores) you can still ride these same horses for $.01--yes a penny!
 K with his cousins on Kai's side
 K and Leethan during a playdate.  Leethan's mom is a good friend of mine from grade school!
Nini got K a new construction set complete with power tools and a hard hat.  He LOVES them and plays with them all the time! 
 He discovered my blow dryer--under supervision of course!
 Gotta love the hair!!
 I learned a new piano part with my younger sister, Stephanie, who can play piano so well!!  You can laugh at my face--I'm concentrating really hard just to get it right.  Someday maybe I'll take lessons and be as good as her or my other younger sister, Katie.  
 K loved aunt Stephanie!
Nini and K on the carousel.  He loved it!  

 Stephanie and K.  Kevin, Stephanie's long time boyfriend, took this awesome picture!  
 I LOVE this picture!  Kai's mom took this one.  
 And this one too.  
 Beautiful sunset on the Lake.
Playdate with Kim, Samantha, and Kaden.  
 Practicing what it will be like in a few more months!  
 Making a mess of Nini's playroom.  
But always having fun!  

As you can tell, it was busy but so much fun!  We definitely need to do it again soon, except this time hopefully Kai can go too!


  1. I JUST got the computer program back to download all the pics and do some editing before sharing...they really turned out cute!! Come back ASAP!!! Love you forever ~ Nini

  2. You got some great photos on your trip to MI. What precious memories. Looks like K and Grandma had fun on the carousel.