Saturday, August 20, 2011

11 Quantified

Today we are celebrating 11 extraordinary years of marriage.  It has been a crazy, wonderful, adventurous, unforgettable love story in the making.  Here's a fun little quantification of our 11 years together and some little known facts.  

10 months:  length of engagement
16 jobs (includes college jobs, year abroad, and parenting!)
7 homes lived in (6 rented, 3 without dishwashers)
1 house owned
3 states we've resided in
2 countries lived in
5 continents toured
17 countries visited
14 number of states Ketlon had traveled through by the time he was 1 month old
32 states visited together since marriage (and 2 while dating)
14 number of rolls of film used on our trip to Europe
0 number of good pictures actually taken in Europe
9 cars owned (3 Hondas, 3 Dodge, 2 Ford, 1 GMC)
4 degrees earned and one more in process
624 Roses (the approximate number of roses from Kai while living in Korea.)
65 Shared flights taken together since marriage
23 number of flights Kasen has taken in his short 2 1/2 years
14 consecutive hours spent gripping holding Kai's hand during a particularly long and scary flight.  You may not know from how much we've flown together that I have a major fear of flying.
8 number of dollars per hour I worked for when we were first married
30 number of minutes spent waiting for Kai to "break into" our house after our wedding because we locked our keys inside (by climbing in through the upstairs kitchen window while wearing his tuxedo).  
1,428 number of pop cans collected and redeemed for our 5 year anniversary.  We were so broke, but loved to celebrate. 
140 dollars spent on our 5 year anniversary meal at the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.
2 number of hours we were stuck in a traffic jam on the way to our 1st honeymoon hotel.  I didn't mind that traffic jam!
21 the number of consecutive days spent sleeping in a tent for an extended backpacking trip. 
38 the % of my life I've been married
34 the % of Kai's life married
10 days:  the longest we have been apart
12 the number of tomato, mozzarella, and french bread sandwiches eaten in France in 3 days (the plight of a vegetarian who doesn't speak the language)
nights spent in a hospital
3 place settings of our formal china owned
1250 price paid for my wedding dress
14248 minimum number of family prayers said
0 number of nights spent sleeping apart from anger.  We promised we would always work a fight out before heading to bed.  Some nights have been very late, but never alone.  
30 stamps in my passport, which was issued 3 years after we were married.  I love looking through our passports and reminiscing. 
91 years is the longest recorded marriage
82 years current longest married couple alive today
4017 days we've currently been married
5,784,480 Number of minutes married
½: size of the carat of my engagement ring
4 months Kai spent working as a nurses aid, changing poopy diapers, to buy my engagement ring.  One dedicated guy!   
8 ½:  the number of  years married before having kids 
400:  approximate number of people who attended our wedding
Thousands: number of cuddling times
Tens of thousands:  approximate number of kisses shared
Millions:  Number of times Kai has crossed my mind. 
extremely adorable little boys created as a result of all of this
Countless:  the number of unforgettable moments shared 

Happy Anniversary to the One I call,  "Wonderful", "Love", "Honey", and more... and has shown me how beautiful marriage can be, how loved I can feel, and how much love my heart can hold.  

Here's a song that was performed at our wedding: (though I couldn't find the official music video :-(