Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy times!

Busy times!Love this place
Gregory I, Gregory II, Kai, Me, Jeana

Pumpking Carving Party (Sat. night)

3 preggos present--pictures to follow later

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dear Santa,

I know it's a little early, but if you could manage to stuff one of these in your bag when you come this year, I'd really love it! I know--a kitchen tool?? But really, I've watched the demos and now I'm sold....and if you have room leftover, a new car and baby furniture would be nice too;-)



P.S. I've been mostly good this year...if you could just overlook a few problem areas, I know you'd agree. I'll try harder next year:-)

Vita Mix 5200

Monday, October 20, 2008

Top 10

I thought since I didn’t have anything super exciting to share like graphic knee injury pictures or ultrasound pictures, I would create a Top 10 Favorite Things List. This is not all inclusive or necessarily in order of favorites—rather just what I could come up with in my musings today….

#10 Goofing Around

(I like big butts [and guts] and I cannot lie....haha)

#9 Outdoor Adventures

#8 Traveling

#7 Hanging out with Friends

(I know I'm leaving out some great friends, but so many times we leave our camera at home at I couldn't find good pictures--so sorry--but good friends know who they are anyway;-)

(Courtesy of
#6 Our Dog Kopper
#5 Being With Family/Holidays
#4 Weekend Getaways

#3 Serving

#2 Being Married
#1 Getting Ready to Be Parents

Saturday, October 11, 2008

7 1/2 Hours One Saturday

This Sabbath started off like any other. We slept in a little later than on weekdays and enjoyed a good breakfast. This week Kai was going to go hiking with his brother in the mountains and I was going to drive up and meet them in Oak Glen for apple pie, apple cider, and maybe even apple picking. Oak Glen is known for it's great apples and fall colors here in southern California.

Unfortunately we never got to experience that. About an hour and a half after they left, I got a call from Kai saying that he had taken a fall on the mountain and was coming back down to go to the Emergency Room. Since Kai is not one to ever go to the ER unless it's serious, I was worried. I went to the ER first and started filling out any paper work they'd let me and Kai and Brit showed up shortly after. We got Kai in a wheelchair and got in the line of people waiting.

They called us back into a private room about an hour after we got there. We were happy since we'd heard of terrible wait times in the LLU ER, and were optimistic. However, there were ATV races taking place somewhere locally, so we quickly lost our status as trauma after trauma poured in. We were able to keep our room though, which made the whole experience a little more comfortable. After 7 1/2 hours, internal stitches, external stitches, a leg brace, and crutches, we were finally able to leave the hospital.

Enjoy the pictures, but be warned: they're not for the weak stomached.

Before the major clean up
In the process of cleaning

After the clean up, before the exam--you could see the bone:-(
Kai enduring his greatest fear: shots
Dr. examining the wound
Stitches--Both internal to pull the muscle back over the bone as well as external to pull the skin over the muscle.
7 1/2 hours later: stitching complete
Dr.'s Orders: One full leg brace for a week-no walking or bending his leg at all. After that, he can walk on it and wear it with a wrapped ace bandage until 2 weeks post injury.

Baby Registering

So I actually considered not posting anymore posts since they would push the baby pictures down farther on our page and what can be more important that pictures of our baby, right?? But after giving it much thought I decided that you would probably still want to know what's going on in our lives and can always revisit the baby pictures, so... here's my next post:-)

We finished registering for Baby Steele yesterday! We had a great time. At Babies R Us there is so much to choose from and we really had no idea what we needed and what we could do without. We made our best guesses leaving off some recommended things and making sure to get others. I guess we'll find out in a few months if we made the right decisions. You can see our registery here. And if you visit it, yes, we did register for 2 swings, only because we're still trying to decide which one we like (we're actually not crazy about either of them). So if you have any suggestions, please feel free to offer them. Once we make the decision, we'll take one of them off--even though we're new at this, we know we won't need 2 of them;-)

Afterward we rewarded oursleves with Nubi yogurt. So delicious! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

At the registry desk
The crib we want--not the bedding, even though it's cute
The dresser we want except without the hutch top

Kai loving the scanner gun...
Watch out...haha! Part of our travel system stoller set
Baby video monitors

Our bedding set--airplanes and helicopters cute! Taking a break in the ottoman rocker we want that's SO comfy

Tired of shoppingWe made it! Now Nubi yogurt to celebrate.
Another reward...:-)

This place has some of the best frozen yogurt around!