Friday, April 13, 2012

Almost Forgotten

I realized after completely filling up my phone storage space that I had a ton of pictures on my phone that I haven't shared with my blog readers.  So, enjoy! 

Looks innocent, huh?  Well, long story short, we had some good friends come and visit this past weekend and the boys (actually, just Kasen, but he loves to show off when his friends are around) managed to flush this down the toilet.  Kai had to take the toilet off and snake the toilet in order to get it out.  Thankfully, he's a pro at stuff like this, so we saved an expensive call to the plumber.  

Kasen vacuuming Kelton's room.  He loooovvves to do this and begs me to "let" him.  How can I say no?  

Picking out Daddy's new "toy".  Kai was actually really excited about this purchase even if it means a little more work for him.  

Kelton's first birthday celebration in Sabbath School.  

Our "sushi" night at home.  It's actually "Kim Bop" in Korea and this is a recipe from one of my good Korean friends, Yuri (English name), who taught me how to make Korean food while we spent our year there.  This is now a regular tradition in our home.  

Beach day a couple of weeks ago.  I love living near the beach--especially with kids! 

St. Patrick's Day with friends at a local upscale bakery in the area.  I both love and hate the introduction to this amazing place filled with all kinds of unimaginable decadent treats.  Kasen had a simple cupcake and look at the restraint he managed ;-)  


Lincoln Logs from a good Chicago friend.  Kasen loves them! 

Our sunshines in Sabbath School learning about creation.  

At the Air Museum.  We have memberships here since it's near our home and this day they were letting people inside the planes.  What an awesome treat!  

Kasen at Sabbath School celebrating his 3rd birthday.  

And for our small family party at home for Kasen's 3rd.  I need to post pictures of the boys big party, but those are not on my phone.  Maybe later...

At the Museum of Science and Industry with a good Chicago friend.  This place is AMAZING for kids!!  And with a reciprocal museum pass, you can get in for free! 

Where's Daddy?  (At the museum still)

Another from the museum.  Kasen loves trains and was captivated by this expansive setup.  

Last museum picture.  The boys thought this was pretty impressive!

My life.  
I added this to our laundry room.  

Date night!  So thankful for grandparents!  

Seeing Louis Zamperini in person!!  Wow!  He is who the story of Unbroken is about.  He is in his 90's and is still completely with it and is unbelievably inspiring.  

On our CA vacation.  Honestly, we were packing as lightly as we could!  Traveling is starting to get exhausting! 

Kasen showing George the airplane.  

Getting ready for our 1st of 2 flights.  

Again in SS.  Apparently I use my phone here a lot!  Learning about the day God made the animals.  

Another beach day this winter.  

Kelton is such a good eater!  He loves everything I give him.  (SUCH a difference from Kasen!) Unfortunately I just took him for his checkup and his pediatrician told me he was only in the 10th percentile for weight :-(   Sooooo, now I am trying to come up with creative ways to bulk him up a little...

I loved setting up the playroom.  Kelton apparently did too.  We have 2 of these and they have been invaluable with all the toys we have acquired.  

One of our evening projects this winter.  Such fun.  Although, in case you didn't know, fondant tastes gross. 

Kelton cruising several months ago.  

Riding the penny horse at the grocery store.  Makes shopping a treat for the kids.  

Kasen's broken arm :-(  Thankfully after seeing the orthopedic surgeon, he said it was a minor break and since Kasen had full range of motion and was able to put all of his weight on it, it only needed to be splinted and not casted.  I was so relieved for that news.  

A random picture of some of my faithful blog stalkers.  Thank you for checking so often for updates :-)  

At Grandma and Papa's house where eating is extremely tough work and requires a prompt nap.  

Halloween 2011.  

Bringing Daddy lunch at work.  

Kasen thought my driving was a little risky, so he took an extra precautionary safety measure.  

Auntie Stephanie and Auntie Katie gave Kasen a new look.  

Singing along in church.  

The outfit that Kai called disgraceful.  It's okay.  I guess I can understand, even if I do like Baby Legs.  

Another beach trip when Kelton was teeny.  This was while we were in CA.  

Trying to embarrass our children ;-) 

Another date night.  Kai let me pick this night and he endured painting pottery ;-)  

At another kids museum.  Kelton is an astronaut.  

It was such fun being able to go back and see all of these pictures!  So much has happened in the last few months.  Haven't even touched my actual camera pictures yet...  

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Future Dentist?

This was a gift for Kasen's birthday from some friends.


He got pretty into it. He was seriously drilling the teeth and the look on his face made me laugh. Hope that's not the look he keeps if he ends up in dentistry!