Monday, January 28, 2013

A Day...

When I go this long in between posts, I feel overwhelmed and like I have to give an update on everything that has happened in my life, but I'm going to save myself that burden and just say:  a lot has happened.  Mostly inconsequential, and if I get the time, I will go back and give you an update, but not today. For today, I'll just give a brief synopsis of my day.

Woke up.
Saw Kasen's bright eyes peeking at me when I checked on him.
Watched him bound up the stairs and charge into Kelton's room to say, "Good Morning Kelton!" as he threw open the curtains.
Snuggled with Kelton while he nursed.  He'll be 2 in March, and yes, obviously I'm a fan of extended breastfeeding.
Made the boys breakfast and watched them make faces and giggle at each other.
Thought that their laughter was something that I always wanted to remember the sound of.
Gave Kelton his vitamins.
Got Kelton down from his highchair after he didn't touch a bite of his breakfast.
Several minutes later, I noticed Kelton swallowing very concertedly.
A few seconds later, felt the warm stink of vomit on my leg.
Almost vomited myself.
Washed kelton.
Washed myself.
Kelton acted fine.
Figured since he didn't eat anything and I had given him his vitamins, the vitamins upset his stomach.
Played and read books.
Kelton seemed fine.
No fever.
Went to the gym.
Worked out.
4 miles on the treadmill was somewhat torturous.
I like to actually feel the wind in my face and see the trees whizzing by.  Okay, maybe just slowing creeping by.  But this is my account of my day ;-)
Redeeming factor was that I ran in New Zealand virtually.
Decided that New Zealand was high on my list of next places to visit.
Showered at the gym alone.  First time ever.
Grabbed my thirsty towel as I exited the shower and thought:  "It'"
Got ready in half the time because I was not grabbing back the q-tips, face creams, dental floss, toilet brushes, daddy's shaver, deodorant, and I didn't have to hold the toilet seat down with one foot, while balancing on the other, trying to brush my teeth and keep Kelton from washing his hands in toilet water.
No.  Much, much easier.
I will do this gym shower thing again!
Drove 3 minutes back home.
Cleaned the house.
Thought that by the time I die, I will probably have cleaned and scraped trillions of dishes.
Thought that by the time I die, I will be happy if I have cleaned and scraped trillions of dishes because it will have meant I have had many people I love in my life!
Made lunch.
This time Kasen wouldn't eat.  Said he wanted to sleep.
This is rare for Kasen who hates anything with the word nap in it.
Tucked him in, read him a story, rubbed his back, kissed his forehead.
Did the same for Kelton and realized I was beat.
Cleaned the kitchen.
Crawled into my own bed a took a nap as well.
Woke up and read story after story after story to Kelton as we snuggled on the couch.
Watched the snow melt in the 40 degree weather.
Listened to Kelton exclaim, "Noooooo!!" instead of "snow".
Kasen woke up after an unusually long nap.
Asked if the boys wanted to go out and jump in the puddles.
Kasen said, "No, I just want to stay inside."
This, more than anything, spoke volumes to me that he was sick.
Took his temperature.
More snuggles on the couch.
Turned the tv on.
Watched Cars with the boys.
Rubbed backs.
Kissed tummies.
Realized that sick times were also special times because the boys are much calmer and love to cuddle.
Daddy came home.
The realization that Daddy came home struck the boys and the usual, "DADDY!!!!!  DADDY!!!!!  DAAAAAAAAADDY'S HOOOOME!!" was slightly more subdued.
Made peanut butter toast with applesauce.
Kasen wanted to go to bed (something else that never happens).
Sang songs.
Rubbed more backs.
Kissed more foreheads.
Said, "Goodnight."
Thought, "Wow!  This was such an easy day!"
Most days we are running: enjoying playgroups and classes, tackling errands, squelching fights, cooking together, and making big messes that we get to clean up together.
And likely, this is why I was able to blog.
I had some extra time.
My house is mostly clean.
My kids are sleeping.
Kai is sitting on the couch next to me and we are close.
I love this time as well.
Thought about watching a movie, but realized after searching that there is absolutely nothing to watch tonight.
So I decided to do something much more productive--write about the trivialities of my day.
Well, at least write.
So that another day, maybe next month, maybe tomorrow, maybe 10 years from now, I can read this and remember exactly what my life was like on this day.