Friday, March 8, 2013

Some Zzzz’s

Lately there have been some big changes in our house.  I am 11 weeks into pregnancy for our 3rd baby.  This time around has been pretty easy compared with the last 2 pregnancies.  Morning sickness last time was pretty terrible, but this time I have been managing well so far...  Only a few episodes of hugging the porcelain bowl.  But the all day sickness has been very mild.  My most severe sign of pregnancy has been the unbelievable fatigue.  I can literally sleep ANYtime, ANYwhere, and through pretty much ANYthing!  Thankfully my family has been very understanding through all of it.  I have had to put some things on hold for a few weeks, but I am hoping within the couple of weeks, I will start to regain some of the lost energy.  

Yes.  A few odd ones.  Fruit snacks!!  Who craves fruit snacks?!?  I think the last time I ate them I was like 10, but yes, they are oddly appealing.  Also, there have been about 3 times so far that I have had an insatiable urge for steak.  Yes, mostly vegetarian me has been craving big, thick, steak.  I have given in and figured maybe there was something I was nutritionally lacking.  This steak craving is a first for me.  I usually don’t even like the taste of beef!  Also I did buy a box of Lucky Charms last week for no other reason than they sounded soooooo good.  So, watch out!  I am craving the unhealthy junk this time!  Yuk!  However, I am going to the gym regularly and most of my other meals are pretty healthy, so...that counts for something right?

Hoping for a girl this time after 2 awesome boys, but there is a secret part of me that would be thrilled with 3 boys.  More camping trips, right?  I’ve taken a few online gender prediction quizzes because I am sooo patient.  60% chance of having a girl and 40% chance of boy...hmmm that sounds oddly close to 50/50.  This pregnancy is so different that I wonder if it’s a girl.  However, I have this feeling that maybe Kai’s genes are only capable of producing males...  Kasen is hoping for a sister.  Kelton is ambivalent.  Kai thinks either would be great.  He can imagine life with both.  So the typical, “just hoping for healthy” is honestly what we would like.  

Now, ready for bed!  I'm such a wimp this time!  More later...