Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Belly Pictures Begin

How far along: 13 Weeks

This week brings me officially out of the first trimester and into the “honeymoon” period of the 2
nd trimester! Wahoo!

Best Moment of the Week:
Kasen has been sleeping longer lately and graced me several 3 hour naps and 11 hour nights! It’s starting to make me think I may be able to do this mom-of-two thing in a few more months.

Movement: Not yet. It’s still a little early.
Food Craving: Still all healthy...luckily. Although a friend had us over for dinner on Monday and made an amazing quiche that I’ve been craving ever since!
What I'm looking forward to: We are headed to New York City today for continuing ed. We will be taking a long weekend and back on Sunday!!
Comparison: To see pictures from my last pregnancy click here to compare. Yup, I'm already bigger, sadly.

I borrowed this format from a blog I love:


  1. oh're HUGE....NOT!!! Sorry, but you don't look pregnant at all to me. But you do look very happy :-)

  2. You look great! I definitely showed sooner with Owen, than with Caleb.

    Totally off topic, but what is on the wall behind your bed? A giant window?

  3. Thanks guys :-) Jessica, it's actually a balcony looking down over the living room. It's a little odd and even more odd to try and fit a bed in that room.

  4. Second one....pants didn't fit within the first month....and I gained less. Go figure. I think it was my body saying "Oh yeah. We are suppose to start loosening up and growing. Might as well get a head start and just move right into that next phase"

    Insert MAJOR eye rolling here______

  5. Hannah Price~Your SisMonday, September 13, 2010

    What belly? If you don't mind me asking... I mean seriously, kristi..