Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Memo:

Dear Alldaymakeyouwishyouweredeadsickness,

Just in case you didn't realize, weren't otherwise informed, or just plain forgot, I thought I would give you the memo: You are supposed to be long gone by now. I have no desire to ever meet up with you again. I am over you. Pack your bags, and start on your way to make someone else's life miserable for the next 3 months. You were not appreciated in any way. Actually, I take that back. You made me value every moment when you weren't around and the healthiness I felt. Thank you for the reminder. Now please go.



This pretty much sums up my day yesterday:


I had such high hopes for the day, but spent most of the day sick triggered by 4 infamous corn diapers. Not sure why those set me off yesterday as I've dealt with them all summer, but they did. Summer is almost over and with it goes corn season. I just can't understand why Kasen prefers corn on the cob over all other vegetables. This is something I have to work on with him! This alldaymakeyouwishyouweredead sickness should be long gone by now. I've been making big improvements lately, so I thought the worst was over. I think on it's way out it wanted to give me something to remember it by. Thanks. Lovely. Glamorous.

On the upside, today has been great. NO sickness whatsoever. Ran 4 miles, took lunch to Kai, ran errands, and am now cleaning the house, making dinner, and listening to an audiobook. I have to make up for yesterday in which I can say my to do list sat abandoned and Kai had to come home and make a very bland dinner.

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  1. I'm am sooooo sorry for laughing, but OH! Did this ever bring back memories!
    With *G I was so incredibly sick! (Let's just say there is an empty lot in LL that still makes me whince!) and it is amazing I ever condsidered eating Tai food EVER AGAIN.
    And, it got WORSE right at the end of my 3rd trimester. I was having nightmares that it would never end (found out about then, that it NEVER did end for my mom.....OH LORD! Please NO!!) was just gone....