Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer Days

Summer is releasing it's hold and cool, crisp fall days are quickly taking its place.  It made me realize that I haven't posted some great pictures from summer.  On our move across the U.S., we stopped over to visit our parents and spend some quality time where we started.  It's such a beautiful quaint little beach town on the shores of Lake Michigan.  We absolutely love it there, partly because it reminds us of our early days (dating, engagement, and early marriage), and partly because of the cuteness of the town.  We're flooded with great memories every time we go back.  K also had a great time.   "Grandma" and "Papa" took him to the new water fountain play area just next to the beach and the recently opened carousel which was an icon from times past.  

K was a little hesitant at first to head into the fountain area, but after a little coaxing on my part he loved it and didn't need me at all anymore.  He and Papa had a great time getting drenched.  You can tell from the huge smile that spread ear to ear on his face.  I think it's great that kids can't suppress their feelings.  I absolutely love that when he's thrilled, he lets the world see it.  
I think Papa is pointing to the "Go Blue" under the saddle, but it's a pretty funny picture ;-) 

Applauding the fountains.  

"Come try this one Papa!"

I can almost hear K saying, "Daddy this is sooooo cool!"  
Shivering after the water fun.  He just couldn't pass the carousel without another ride.  What would we do without Grandparents?

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  1. Awwwwww. What fun!! I'm still wondering where K's red hair went?!!