Monday, September 6, 2010

You'd Be a ____ If:

There are a few things about our state that we've noticed in our short time here that make it unique. We frequently find ourselves laughing and getting hours of amusement as we notice the differences. Consider this a "You'd be a ____ if..." (since this is the big blogger world, I will not give the name of our state)
  • You think the speed limit is actually a limit, so you regularly drive 10 under
  • You drive a Subaru, all your friends drive Subaru's, in fact all the cars on the road are Subaru's
  • You know what snow tires are and may even drive with them all year long
  • You know where all your food comes from
  • The environment is a big deal and you will risk your life to save it
  • The term "earthy" may easily apply to you
  • Your favorite color is green
  • You've never lived in a big city and don't really even know where the closest one is
  • You think the gas station is the place to hang out
  • Apple picking is a big event for the family every fall
  • Snowmobiles have their own parking spot
  • You know everyone and everyone knows you
  • Everyone also knows everything about everyone--even newcomers
  • You can only be a true native of the state if you're genealogy goes back at least 6 generations
  • You're friendly
  • You live in a house that could easily date back to the revolutionary war, or at the very least, the civil war, but it's well maintained and quaint
  • You regularly see signs for "Moose Crossing"
  • You have never seen billboard advertising along the highway
  • You have a town green in the center of town and virtually every town in the state has their own
  • You frequently insert the word "wicked" into your sentences
  • Your state has no real "cities" just endless little "towns" that make it up
  • You look forward to the demolition derby every year at the state fair even more than Christmas
  • You only buy local
This is Kai.
Haha, just kidding of course (Thankfully!--sorry nameless man). It's really some guy I found on Google images, but I had to include him because he just looks "earthy" to me and after further reading about him, he's big into Zen which fits perfectly with this post. I can almost hear him giving a plug for the environment at this very moment. I also find it amusing that this looks to be a professional picture so he decided to sport a classic lumberjack outfit. (sorry again nameless man, I really hope we don't know each other...)

This is only from our 6 weeks here. I have a feeling that I will have much more to add to this after I've experienced hunting season and winter...


  1. Some of those comments make it sound nice to live there, but it does sound amusing!

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  3. Sounds like another time and place! I'll have to see it to believe it!