Thursday, July 24, 2008

Belly Pictures

Here's the belly progress.... I will continue to add more pictures to this post every week, so if you want to keep seeing the progress, click on this post (Belly Pictures) to see the progression. It will not post as a new blog post since I will just continue to add pictures to this entry. Hope you enjoy! Thanks Jessica for the idea:-)

40 weeks

38 Weeks

36 weeks

34 weeks

32 1/2 weeks

32 1/2 weeks

30 weeks

27 weeks (Definitely something there!)

24 weeks

21 weeks

19 weeks

17 1/2 weeks
16 1/2 weeks

15 weeks

14 weeks

12 weeks, 2 days

11 weeks, 1 day
10 weeks, 1 day

9 weeks, 1 day

8 weeks
7 weeks


  1. yay! can't wait until you get your buddah belly. Tall people always look so great pregnant!

  2. Kristi!
    What a beauty! We can hardly wait to see the baby, too!
    Love, A&W

  3. you are looking so cute and preggo. You'll really start growing now!

  4. There's the baby! Thanks for all the posts - love to see and hear about you and Kai!
    Love, Auntie Aleta and Uncle Wayne

  5. You really are having a baby!! Soo cute!

  6. your belly is getting so big and cute! Almost there!