Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ultrasound Pictures

Today we had our first ultrasound where the doctor could see the baby which is officially called a fetus now. We had our first ultrasound at 5 weeks and 6 days, but the baby was too small so we had to reschedule for today.

When we went in the tech put the scanner on my stomach and we could immediately see the baby and the heartbeat. It was amazing! The heart was beating so quickly and our baby was moving like crazy even though I can't feel it yet. We saw arms and legs every once in a while when it was moving. Kai was fascinated as he watched and knew what everything was. He would ask the tech, "Is that the spine/heart/head/legs/etc.?" Every time he was right, which was impressive since I couldn't make much of it until they started pointing things out to me.

Our due date has been moved up one day to March 4, 2009. So today, I'm 9 weeks along--due for another belly picture:-)

Below are the ultrasound pictures we brought home. You'll have to look carefully to see the parts. The baby is laying on its side facing away from the camera, so you'll see it's backside--starting with the head, down the spine/torso, and down to the bottom. Imagine it laying on it's left side away from the camera and you may make sense of it. If not, it's fine--I don't always make sense of other people's ultrasounds either. I think it was much easier when it was in motion.

P.S. The heartbeat was 171 beats per minute. The doctor said at 9 weeks all babies have high heart rates and they start to slow down after 10 weeks, so it's not necessarily a determination of the gender--but we're really excited to find out!


  1. What a beautiful baby! I think it looks just like you guys! Get that new belly pic up mama!

  2. Good morning "wee one"!!

    It was a thrilling moment to see your first pictures and find you all curled up in your warm and comfy world! Mommy and Daddy said they heard your heartbeat and saw you swimming!! How exciting for them to realize you are REALLY, TRULY their dream come true!!

    While there will be a gazillion more pictures of you over time, these will remain the most precious because they are the first glimpses of the miracle that is your life.

    Rest well, little one. Can't wait to hold you.

    Love you forever ~ gmE Nini