Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A letter to God

Dear God,

I just have a few questions…

Why does there have to be morning sickness?
And why is it called morning sickness when it really lasts all day?
Do you know a secret cure to take it away?
Will I ever want to be pregnant again?
I’ve tried ginger, ginger ale, crackers, eating small meals frequently, and just plain avoiding smells as much as possible.
Is there any place on earth devoid of smell?
Will I ever be able to sit next to Kai as he eats foods that he has so innocently laced with nausea triggers?
Will this go away before I start teaching in a month?

And one more thing God…could you please help me take care of this baby inside of me? I really have no idea what I'm doing:-)


  1. Dear baby "wee one"!! This is gmE Nini saying "hi" and letting you know I can hardly wait to see you!!! God is SO GOOD to give this precious gift to us!!

    Now you be REALLY nice to your mama and not make her tummy so urpy-gurpy. She's so much prettier than when you see her in front of the potty. And help out your papa by holding your nose so he can eat all that yummy food that you and mama need too! Oh, and that always-up-in-the-night potty could help out by holding rreeaall still while she's sleeping.

    Right now you're teeny tiny - just 5 mm big - but quick as a wink you'll be pushing your way into this big, beautiful world eager to grow and learn, love and be loved by all the people who can't wait to see you!! So sleep and eat and grow and get all the cool stuff you need to be absolutely the coolest little person...and hurry up cuz I can hardly wait to see you!!

    Love you forever ~ gmE Nini

    PS "wee one" was what your great-grampE called me!!

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  3. Kristi- I have just started becoming nauseous. Janielle just told me about Preggie Pops or Preggie drops. They are sour candies that neutralize the acid. You can get them at Motherhood Maternity or babies r us. It doesn't work for everyone but you could at least try it. Congrats by the way:)