Friday, December 10, 2010

26 Weeks and the Belly

How far along:  26 weeks   

Best Moment of the Week: Today!  Spent the day as a family and took K to see Santa.  He didn’t do very well this year though.  He screamed and ran away from him.  So, we all sat on Santa’s lap in order to get a decent picture ;-)  Also paid for a full day’s admission into the enormous bounce house exhibit in the mall for K—to which he also was not interested.  Note to self—schedule a long nap before attempting new things.  Still, even though K was not excited to try new things today, he absolutely adores Kai and I being with him together all day.  It always makes me smile to see him so happy. 

Movement:  A lot of rolling!  I feel a butt or foot stick out all the time and I love it!  

Food Craving: Christmas cookies!!  I made some yesterday and decorated them today.  Such fun times with K!  Finally after years of trying and failing, I actually made a great batch!!!  Martha is a genius--again!     

What I'm looking forward to: Kai’s mom coming to visit next week and Christmas of course!  Also, I’m almost into my 3rd trimester—whoa!  Where did the time go??

Weekly Wisdom:  A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside... when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.
-- Author Unknown

Big Brother:  My favorite thing he does lately is when he comes up, pats my belly, and says, “Baby!!” in a singsong voice. 

His favorite thing to do is read, read, read!  He loves books lately, which makes me soooo happy because up until a few months ago he showed very little interest.  Being a teacher before having K I know how important reading is for kids, but he wouldn’t sit still for stories.  I worried a little about it, but didn’t push it.  I figured when he was ready he would let us know.  Now he brings us book after book to read to him and absolutely loves story time--especially if the book includes an airplane or a digger!

Nursery: The second convertible crib has been purchased and we are thinking about the bedding options.  I love the bedding set we have for K and since they will be eventually sharing rooms, I looked for more of the same bedding, but since Babies R Us seems to retire every collection after a year or two, I can’t find it anywhere L  So…we’re still considering several things.  I might buy baby K some neutral bedding that would match the colors of the already loved aeronautical theme or we may go with something completely different…


  1. Can't wait to see you all, get/give hugs, listen to baby K's heartbeat, read stories, check out the beautiful countryside, eat Christmast cookies (and all your fabulous cooking!!), help out, do the paparazzi thing, walk on the treadmill, talk/talk/talk, play/play/play....the list goes on and on and on and on!!! And you DO look GREAT!!!!

  2. WHAT belly? I have more of a belly than you and my "baby" is 10!! (obviously, you look great!!)

    I always worried because C would not sit still for a story to save his life while G could literally sit there for hours if you would read to him. C just had to be on the move. But I still read to him, even if he wasn't looking at the book. I know he was listening as he would later "tell" the story. His "reading time" was just different than G's.

    And today his reading is still different. While G will devore a book in one day, C takes his time (which can stress me out that he'll remember the book by the time he is finished) BUT! He reads well above his grade level, has great comprehension and enjoys it in his own way. Just gotta let them enjoy it their own way.

  3. Hey Kristi,

    I have a suggestion for you on baby bedding....Babies R Us does discontinue their patterns rather quickly BUT have you looked online for the bedding? I found Ryan's bedding that way. We knew we wanted airplanes and found his online. If you know the name of the previous bedding for Kasen, I'd type it into either or Ebay and see what you can find. Also, I bet there might be one available on craigslist....just some ideas if you want them matching (super cute idea, btw!)
    Got your Christmas card too...BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for including us!

    Love to you all,