Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Time

Have things been crazy for you the last couple of weeks??  They have for us!  It's been a good kind of busy with the holidays and family visiting, but now that everyone is gone and the shopping is over, I have a little breather.  Ahhhh...  

I'm getting ready to fly out the door and run a day of errands, but wanted to drop a line and say that the pulse of our house is still strong, but we've been a little preoccupied.  I will write more on that later...  We've been making some big decisions here and I'm not ready to write about them yet, but I will be in a few more weeks depending on how things go...

In the meantime, here are a few un-edited pictures from Christmas in our house.  No makeup.  No frills.  Thus, no judging ;-)  Just enjoy the pure unadulterated Christmastime shots.  

 Did I mention that K does NOT like Santa??  
"Mommy!  Save me from the big, hairy, red man!!"
 So we all had to sit on Santa's lap for a good shot.  
 Making Christmas cookies.  One of several, several dozen!  K LOVES them!  
 First shot Christmas morning.  Like I said, no judging!  You're lucky I'm even posting one of me in the morning!! 
 I had to include this one too because I love K's expression.  

 The opening begins...
 A fix-it car!
 A car garage!  
 A basketball hoop!  
Tired Mommy and Daddy.  I love how K's foot is a blur here.  He has so much energy!  He honestly never stops until we put him to bed!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!! When I have a few minutes, hopefully I can catch up on the blogs I love to follow.  It's been a while!  Oh, and by the way, 30 weeks tomorrow!!  Yes, another belly update is in order.  But honestly, where does the time go?? With K it seemed like I was pregnant forever.  This time around I keep asking myself, "Am I really that far along already???"  We still have a lot to do on the nursery, buying necessary things, and finalizing the name (which seems to change from month to month).  Wish us luck since I only have 10 weeks and 8 1/2 if he comes on K's schedule...

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  1. Awwwwww!! I miss the pure excitement of little ones at Christmas!! Mine were still excited...but it just has a different feel when they are teens/tweens