Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brief Glimpses Into My Everyday Life

A simple re-cap of my last very ordinary 24 hours.  

  • Woke late thanks to my awesome husband who took K and let me sleep in a little extra.  This made me late to playgroup.  Oh well.  I think an extra hour of sleep was definitely worth it! 
  • Met Kai for a lunch date which consisted of black bean burgers, fruit and veggies, chips, and yogurt.
  • Went to the post office to get our weekend’s worth of accumulated mail and chatted with the friendly post office workers that I see weekly.  They think I’ve now suddenly “popped”.  Lovely.  I still have 3 months. I’m blaming it on those darn Christmas cookies that I have been craving the baby loves! 
  • Opened beautiful Christmas cards from great friends and it made me miss them all the more!
  • Opened Kai’s loan repayment notices that start next month.  He’s worth a lot to someone else besides just me now!  Ugh!
  • Headed out the door to the next playgroup.  K grabbed a granola bar from the pantry and I thought he’d be fine playing with it in the car.  Halfway there, I noticed it was a little too quiet and checked on him only to find that he had smashed, mashed, smooshed, and utterly destroyed the granola bar thus breaking open the wrapper and covering himself in gooey chocolate and peanut butter.  He was thrilled with his genius.  I was not.  This was realized about 2 miles from playgroup #2. 
  • Prepared for a small winter storm coming through our area.
  • Put K to bed after our normal routine of story, songs, prayer, teeth brushing, and rocking.  His favorite song is, “Only a Boy Named David”.  He's awesome with his imaginary sling and makes a great dying giant impersonation!  
  • Finalized the purchase of the bedding set for Baby K.  Julie, you're a genius!!  Found the matching aeronautical set I wanted on Craigslist from a major city several hours away.  They are shipping it directly to me and it will be perfect!!  I love conveniences of the internet!   
  • Realized I have only several short days until Christmas!!!  Eeeek!  So much to do!
  • K woke up at 3 a.m. for some unknown reason.  I went in to check on him and was immediately overpowered by the stench of a behemoth mess in his diaper.  Good morning to me! 
  • Woke again later in the morning to discover a beautiful white wonderland outside.  It’s gorgeous!  Sometimes I miss the beautiful weather and palm trees of southern California (not to mention great friends and family), but we may be making a trip there again soon! 
  • While writing this, K has brought me almost every toy in his toy box trying to entice me to play with him.  He’s adorable, so I’m done.  No blog, you just can't compete.  I think I’ll dress him up in his winter clothes and take him outside to make snowmen and snow angels!  Hope you’re having a great day too no matter how ordinary it may be!       


  1. Oh, YEAH, Kristi...I'm so happy you found it online! I LOVE craigslist and have made many fantastic purchases! So happy that you found it!

  2. What a day! There's never a dull moment in mommydom!!! Enjoy the snow!