Friday, March 4, 2011

2 Is Grand!

Last week we celebrated K’s second birthday!  How can it be that he’s 2 already?  We celebrated at home as a small family on the actual day (see pictures) and then had a party with all of his local friends on the weekend (see pictures).  We rented the gym where he has his gym classes every week.  They put on a fantastic birthday program that all the kids seemed to really LOVE!  I think the best part was watching K’s face and excitement.  He seemed to realize that the night was all about him and this reality made him even more thrilled. 

Since he adores Thomas the Train (even though he rarely watches any of the movies), we themed his decorations around that.  He also loves anything having to do with transportation in general—trucks, airplanes, excavators, trains, buses, etc., which makes going anywhere with him an absolute blast because he’s bound to see one and bubble over with excitement.

 Our little family celebration at home
 He actually liked his dessert this year! 
 I have no idea where he gets his sweet tooth...;-)  
 His cake (Sorry, I blurred out his name).  
 I love his expressions!  This was taken while everyone was singing to him.  
 Blowing out his candle.  This was taken just before he took Thomas and started trying to make him "drive" on the tracks of his cake.  It was a great, fun mess! 
 So many friends turned out to make the day special!  We are so blessed!
 Circle time of songs and movement
 The proud birthday boy!! 
 K demonstrating for everyone how get up the beams 
 Backwards roll
 Even dads need to have a little fun sometimes!  
 Practicing the "bear crawl"
 Under the parachute 
 Swinging from the rings.  He loves this one! 
 This is another favorite too! 
 Getting awarded his birthday medal 
 Obviously thinking he's pretty special :-)
Group picture with most of the kids--at least the ones that could sit still long enough for a picture.  
This was/is his favorite thing to do.  He absolutely LOVES it and we have such a great time watching him go. He's extremely fast!  Enjoy! 
Last of all, they finished with the bounce houses.  He had a blast on these as well.  

All in all, being 2 has started out well.  K has been such a helper lately which is so nice because my growing belly is making everything a little tougher these days.  By the way, contrary to the pictures above, I was at the party, just the one behind the camera!  I will try to post what will likely be my last belly picture in the next day or so.  Any day now Baby K number 2 will arrive and I think K will be a fantastic big brother!  Thanks for taking a few minutes to re-live his big day! 


  1. What a fun life you lead, KKk!!! I don't remember it being THAT much fun growing up! Looking forward to hearing great news about baby k!
    Blessings! Auntie Aleta

  2. Ahhhhh!! So many parties attended at "Tumble Tots"!
    Now, the parties are more low key. Bowling or maybe one/two friends and amusement park. Or a whole day of Xbox.
    What ever makes them happy!

    Positive thoughts on the countdown to #2!!