Monday, March 7, 2011

Road Rash

Here's a picture of K with his first major accident (at least one that left a major mark).  It's funny because he's taken falls, etc. before that probably hurt worse, but this is a rug burn down the entire length of his nose and it looks terribly painful!!  He was playing with an older boy at church who adores him.  Anyway, they both took a tumble and K's nose apparently took the brunt of the fall.  Poor little guy! :-(  Although as you can tell, he doesn't let much get him down.  He's still as happy as ever!  He's such a huge blessing!


  1. Oh Krisit, I can so relate. When Kim was 2 1/2 we were out in-gathering for church and caroling from door to door. We had Kim in her stroller but had forgotten to buckle her in. We were rushing from one house to the next and my hubby pushed quickly and oops before we knew it Kim had done a face plant on the road. Oh my, not on the nose, but a scrape nearly as big as K's and under the nose and up the cheek. And wouldn't you know it we were scheduled to fly from our home in WA to MI for my brother's wedding. Lovely face for photos! I felt like a child abuser too when traveling. You will laugh about it in years to come.

  2. OWIE!!!! Wellllll, if that is the worst road rash he experiences, he'll be a very lucky boy!