Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 38 and a 1/2

(I had to include one where I'm wearing a maternity outfit instead of the boring black and white regular outfit!)

How far along:  38 1/2 weeks

Best Moment of the Week:  Last week I had a great baby shower brunch with local friends from K's playgroups.  It was so much fun and we got all kinds of awesome gifts for our new little guy.  It was a completely different shower than I've ever had before.  The food was all maple themed because of the start of maple syrup season here and every present we received was made from organic, all natural products.  Several gifts were even wrapped in cloth instead of paper!  Very cool!  

Movement:  He’s slowing down a little now probably because he’s out of room.  He still stretches and moves quite a bit, but it’s not as sudden and jerky.     

Food Craving: Now that I’ve been on iron for a few weeks my ice cravings are gone.  No big cravings at the moment, although today we went out to brunch with some great friends at a Victorian Inn and had some of the best food I’ve had in my life!!!  K ate his fill too, eating as much or more than I did!  He surprises us like that at times. 

What I'm looking forward to: There are soooo many changes taking place right now.  Life is so crazy!!  At the moment I am just ready to meet this little guy and be done with pregnancy.  I love being pregnant, but the last month is soooo hard!  My list of complaints are: not being able to sleep well, back aches, not being able to bend over easily, etc., etc.  But who likes to hear all of the complaints?  On a positive note, people are even more friendly (if that’s possible in our state which I swear has the largest grouping of the friendliest people on earth!) when you’re huge with child.  I get help all the time—from the grocery store to the airlines to the doctor’s offices.  I will miss the special treatment once pregnancy is over.  ;-)

Weekly Wisdom:  A parent's love is whole no matter how many times divided.  ~Robert Brault

Big Brother:  Have I mentioned what a great helper he is lately???  Wow!  This week it seemed we had a doctor’s appt everyday trying to get everything in before I go into labor (K’s 2 year checkup, dermatology appt.’s, OB, and a couple others—our insurance is going to love us!).  Well, K made friends with everyone at every single appt.  From the nurses and doctors all the way to the other patients in the waiting room.  At one point he had 4 different people all playing cars with him.  It was a huge relief because it’s much harder for me to get on the floor and play with him myself at this point. 

Also this week at church, he took a spill and got a nasty rug burn that runs the whole length of his nose.  It looks absolutely terrible and will likely still be there for our first family pictures when our new little one arrives.  I feel so bad for him every time I look at him.  Poor little guy!  He was really tough though and handled it well.  He did catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror while we were brushing his teeth and stared for a long while at his road rash.  I don’t think he liked what he saw either. :-(  It was really cute to see him look so puzzled though!    

Weight:  Several people have asked about how much weight I’ve gained this pregnancy.  I've found that pregnancy affects every woman’s body differently and I’ve had friends that have gained 100 pounds and others that have gained 5 pounds and the shock of it all is that even those that have gained 100 pounds have had it all come back off after the baby comes.  Soooo…with that said, I’ve had a personal goal with each pregnancy to gain in the neighborhood of 20 pounds because for me it seems that weight doesn’t just pour back off of me when I want it to like it seems to for other people.  With K I gained 19 pounds and with this pregnancy I have gained 20 so far, but he’s not here yet, so who knows what the final number will be…  Honestly I don’t think my body could handle much more than that (see my list of complaints above).  

Hopefully my next post will be pictures of our new little guy... :-)  

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