Friday, October 22, 2010

The Big Gender Announcement...

...It's a BOY!!!!!

Disclaimer:  We had an ultrasound tech that was a major stickler :-(  She wouldn't let us take any pictures before the ultrasound and would only tell us that she was 85% sure it was a boy because he was extremely active during the ultrasound and wouldn't hold still for clear pictures.  I have been telling everyone that this little one is very active, just like K, and the ultrasound confirmed it.  That seemed to be the only thing the ultrasound tech was certain of.  Now we are bracing ourselves for having two very active little ones tearing around.  I'm so excited K will have a brother to play with and that our home will be a house full of testosterone--or maybe I should say that I'm 85% excited ;-)  


  1. And GmE Nini says "bring 'um on", as little guys are SO adorable!!! Can't wait to see this next little one - qne it's a GOOD thing he's active, so he can keep up with Kasen!!! Love you forever ~

  2. 85% excited! Haha! Well, I'm 100% excited for you! Congrats on a healthy boy!

  3. Congrats! Kasen will love being a big brother:) They will be able to play with each other and hopefully keep each other busy and not so much you:)

  4. Congrats! I thought for sure you and Elisa were going to have the same gender, as it seems you two are on the same family plan! Haha
    Congratulations again! Boys are so much fun!(coming from the mom who is even outnumbered with the dog!)