Monday, May 10, 2010

The Things That Live in Madagascar

Disclaimer: The creatures pictured are not necessarily only found here. They are just the ones we’ve encountered in our time here.
The lemur pictures are from this past weekend.

Lemurs are the most famous animals Madagascar is known for. If you remember the movie, you might break out singing, "I like to move it, move it!"

We could get really close to them and Kasen was amazed by these unique animals.

Yes, we live in Madagascar too (at least for the next few days).

Nocturnal lemurs

Another nocturnal lemur

An Iguana

A chameleon

Another one that's well hidden in the grass

Preying Mantis


You know what this is. It might be a hissing cockroach that is known here in Madagascar. It was soon a dead one after this picture! The total count right now is 37...

Spider web on the ground


  1. It is Zaboomafu all over the place.

  2. OH these pictures are fabulous!! I will have to share with the boys this evening!! They will LOVE them!

  3. Wow, love reading about your time in Madagascar! My family was there about 2 years ago (I had to stay behind for a teaching internship)and I believe they went to this same place (Lemur Island and you have to canoe over?) and I will have to share your blog with them.