Tuesday, May 11, 2010

London--The Forgotten Pictures

On the way to Madagascar, we had to stop in London. No, really. Tickets were $700 cheaper per ticket to stopover in London. So you do the math. We could spend an extra $1400 and see nothing but the inside of an airport, or we could take the extra cash and spend a little time in London seeing what makes this great city so special. Hmmmm, tough decision!
Favorite thing about London: Everyone speaks English! Getting around is sooo easy!
Next favorite thing: The subway or “Underground.” I really miss having public transit so readily accessible. When we lived in South Korea, that was one of the things that spoiled us. It makes everything so convenient, encourages walking, and it’s just fun! And for the record, movies make subways seem to be much more of a dangerous place than they really are.
Least favorite thing about London: It’s really expensive and the exchange rate is not in our favor. Being in Madagascar just after London was almost culture shock because of the massive disparity between the 2 places!
Favorite tourist attraction: So far, it was probably The London Tower (sooo much awesome history there), but the London Eye was pretty fun too. We will be spending a few more days on the way back and seeing a few remaining things we missed the first time, so I’ll have to let you know.
Favorite meal: Burgers at this place:

While we were there, we were so busy and didn’t have access to a good internet, so I failed to upload very many pictures of our adventures there, but we really had a fantastic time. London is now one our new favorite cities in the world and if you haven’t been there yet, in my opinion, it should go on the top of your list!

This guard was so awesome!! He let Kasen touch his sword and even looked at Kasen and smiled (which they never do). I think he did that because we were waiting forever to get our picture taken with him (it seems that a woman with a baby is an easy target to cut in front of--grrrr...).

In front of parliment

On the Millennium Bridge over the River Thames

Yes, please do! Oh, and here's my husband's card for when that floss produces cavities!

Fish and chips! The local flavor!

A waffle for dessert

Hey, this armor is just my size!!!

This cute grin is because he's scheming to run off with the crown jewels ;-)

The Eye

Family shot! Kasen wants to get down and explore!

On top of The Eye

The London Bridge

The London Tower

By the "Underground" (subway)

Westminster Abbey. BTW, Kai and I disagreed about buying this rain cover for the stroller. I insisted (and won out) because I had heard that London weather is not it's main attraction. SO thankful we had it! Used it everyday!

Big Ben

Feeding the pigeons healthy organic puffs to make them grow big and buff (in front of Buckingham Palace).

He later chased them and watched them take flight!

The daffodils in front of Buckingham Palace. (In my sleepless state, I first wrote tulips. In a way they might look like yellow tulips, right?) Thanks Jessica! ;-)


  1. looks like fun! I've always wanted to go to England. I hate to break it to you but those are daffodils. lol. ;)

  2. Loved your descriptions about London and all the pictures! Close-up of the eye with the clouds didn't prepare me for that glassed-in "room" on top of the world ... Don't think I'm prepared for that!
    We've so enjoyed your commentary on Madagascar, too! Thanks for taking the time to share with all your friends and family!