Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Kasen recently had his first experience with Nutella, the chocolate hazelnut spread. This has long been a staple in our home, at least when we allow ourselves the guilty pleasure. It has been known to be consumed at record speeds, so we try to pace our buying habits with this heavenly treat. Since Nutella is easily found around the world, I happened on a jar in the store and of course threw it into my cart. We were enjoying it on pretzel sticks several nights ago (BTW if you've never tried it, it can be enjoyed on just about anything!) and Kasen was curious and not content with his plain pretzel sticks, so we let him sample it...
Mmmmmmm...I think I like this..
...yup! I LOVE it!!!
Who needs a pretzel stick? I'm just going to reach in with my whole hand and scoop it out!

It looks like Kasen has inherited my sweet tooth. Thankfully Kai is a few short weeks away from being a dentist, so hopefully he can manage the fallout this is likely to create (no pun intended).


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  2. Caleb loves Nutella too!

    He only recently tried it because he is allergic to almonds and his doctor recommened having him tested for other nuts before offering them.

    Well, he tried it and said it was delicious and he wanted it from now on instead of soy butter! haha. No more soy butter for that boy! he can have real pb now too!

  3. All three of my "boys" love nutella. I'm the one who doesn't care for it (which is just WRONG....chocolate and nuts? HELLO!!). Grant went through a phase and would put it on waffles everyday for breakfast. I figure everyone is due a guilty pleasure (no sodas and such in this house...hehe). Haven't bought it for a while. Unfortunately for the boys, I saw that nutella was on the "don't eat this" side of the "eat this, don't eat this" list!! (but I might have to buy some just as a treat)

  4. This heavenly ambrosia was inherited from both sides of the gene pool!! After all, what's a day without chocolate???

    How Nini would love to lick that precious face clean right about now!!