Friday, April 9, 2010

Home Sweet Madagascar Home

The kitchen. The weather here is beautiful! I love the natural sunlight that streams in everyday.
In the backyard playing.
A bunch of flowers from the grounds.
Another kitchen view.
Another backyard shot. There's a natural fence of bushes that encloses the yard. There is also another fence that surrounds the whole compound with security guards, so note to family: we are pretty safe :-)
The living room. The green couches make this room have so much more appeal. ;-P
Master bedroom. This bed had been sleeping 3 since we arrived. Kasen hasn't adjusted to the time change yet.
2nd bedroom. Housing our suitcases for the moment.
Master bath shower. It's not too glamorous, but we have running water (and hot) which is more than most Malagasy people. Running water is not common in most homes. The local people have to haul water from a communal spigot back to their homes. So needless to say, we're very thankful for running water throughout the house!
De toilette ;-)
Path to the front gate entrance to our place.
Front of our place.
All of Kasen's food. Yes, I am OCD enough to pack it all in. It just gave me a little peace of mind as I thought of bringing a baby to Madagascar. Though we have been giving him local food that is thoroughly cooked.


  1. Those green couches have sooo much potential! ha. acutally with a shearling rug and cute throw pillow you never know! I'm glad you guys are getting settled in. Been thinking of you!

  2. wow :) sounds like you guys had quite an eventful time with the trip to madagascar! glad you made it safely! i love your kitchen - so bright! the white windows are lovely too... and the green couches - well... what can i say :) hope you enjoy your time near my home country of south africa :) happy sabbath steele family xx

  3. These pics make your "cabin" look much more like a cosy home!! Love having the peek as well as precious moments connecting via phone/fb/skype - however!!! Love u

  4. WOW!! The adventure of traveling over seas! (never done it....not sure I would have survived the flight....not as terrified of flying as you, but not a favorite thing for me!)
    Looks like you are settling in (I don't know....kinda like the green couches...punch of color! ;) )

  5. I love the cute little house! It has so much character! We are glad to hear you made it ok - sounds like quite an ordeal :) Looks like Kasen is adjusting pretty well. At least he won't be hungry!!!
    We are praying for you guys, and look forward to seeing more about your adventures!
    Brent & Katie