Friday, April 16, 2010

22 and Counting...


  • scale walls
  • climb doors
  • live without their head for an entire week--no I did not torture an ugly, pesky cockroach to find this out (though I’m not necessarily opposed), I just did a little research.
  • can live without food for a month.
  • hold their breath for 40 minutes if necessary.
  • have extremely long antennas
  • run very fast!
  • run toward you, not away from you.
Other notable facts:
  • Though I previously presumed myself tough and fearless, recently I have been known to shriek like a little girl and climb the walls to get away from these loathsome creatures.
  • Kai’s cockroach killing maneuvers are akin to Bruce Willis in Die Hard. He will use whatever means are at his disposal to take them out of the gene pool since it seems they are hardy little creatures (especially since they only need a crack the size of the thickness of the edge of a quarter to sneak into your house).
  • Kai’s my hero. I have not yet had to kill even one.
  • This also makes Kai a cockroach murder, I suppose.
  • In the middle of the night, I will debate long and hard before getting up to use the bathroom for fear that I might chance upon one under my bare feet…eeeeeek! It literally has to be an emergency before my feet will touch the ground and then I walk ever so cautiously and carefully to take care of business, hold my feet up while on the john (this is an art I have mastered while here in Tana), then leap a solid 4 feet back to the bed. Poor Kai.
  • The only good cockroach is a dead one.


  1. Oh boy Kristi, those are the same buggers I have to deal with when visiting my parents in Hawaii. They gross me out. I've scared myself many a time at night thinking there was one lurking in the shadows. I always put on my sandals when venturing to the bathroom at night. One night there was a bug size shadow on the floor in front of the sink. I stewed about that all night afraid to turn on the light as it would run. In the morning I discovered it was the tail end of my cell phone power cord casting a cockroach size shadow! I can't stand to kill them either, have to call my nephew. My mom is pretty good at getting them too.

  2. ...and a colony of the peskies can live off the "lick-um" part of a stamp for a month (or so GmE told me)!! So probably sending roach killer won't do the trick if they can live without their brains....

    Otherwise (and if you can focus on anything else!!), hoping/praying you're continuing to have another great adventure!!

    Love you forever....Mom

  3. Kristi, that is so gross. I hate cockroaches. We get them in my current school. There is some drain they come up. Bleh...

  4. Ugh. Definitely one of the more creepy creatures in the world. *shudder* Glad you have Kai to take care of murdering them! :)

    Am loving your posts/pics - your temporary home looks nice! I'm with you - the kitchen looks so inviting with all the light streaming in the windows! Your last post reminded me of my time in Nepal with the cost of foods and the disparity between produce/etc. and imported products, and with the abundance of smiles, especially from adorable little faces. :)

    Ani has been thinking of you guys :) - she has this thing lately with saying that so-and-so is a good man. Earlier this week she said, "Kai good man." And then saw a picture of a lady on a magazine and said, "Kristi. Kasen's mommy." :)

  5. Now you know why these "things" have been known since prehistoric days (or so says the evolutionists!!)
    ICCCCKKKKK!! Is what I say!!

  6. i agree - yucky cockroaches! had to deal with them a lot at one place where we lived in South Africa! gives me chills down my spine remembering!
    the new blog pic is beautiful!
    missing you guys!
    love sarahjane!

  7. ha I thought Starla said prehistoric "evangelists" gotta love the little buggers! Now I know what to but (find) for you on holiday's! You should teach Kasen how to give them some love. The worst is if they are in your bed at night and you feel them at the end of the sheets... Have a good weekend!

  8. last post has but not buy. Oh well just shows ya it was authentic brit style writing!