Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's in the Water...

I'm convinced there is something in the water that's making women extremely fertile lately. I know of over 30 of my friends who are or have been pregnant during my pregnancy. This is SO much fun since it's gives us so much to talk about and our kids can all play together, but it seems like a lot more than normal to me. Maybe it's just where we're at in life at the moment.
Above is a picture of 2 of my good friends who are also pregnant. We are all due to deliver within 5 weeks of each other. Elisa (on the left who is the 2nd grade teacher at my school) is due 5 weeks after me (beginning of April), Peggy (middle) is due about 3 weeks after me (later in March) and I am due March 4th. This picture was taken at mine and Elisa's joint shower at our school this past Sunday. The parents and staff at my school are seriously the best! The shower was beautiful and I'm so thankful for all the amazing gifts and support we received! More pictures will follow later.


  1. how awesome! I was looking at your bru registry and it looks like you made out like a bandit!

    BTW! Thursday morning is our day.

  2. Look how cute all three of you look! How fun to be pregnant with some of your friends! You all look GREAT and baby showers are the best:)