Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kasen's Nursery So Far...

Here's the progress on Kasen's room. There are several things that won't stay looking like they do now, but I haven't figured out what to replace them with yet. We can hardly wait. Today I'm 34 weeks along, so he's scheduled to arrive somewhere in the vicinity of 6 weeks from now! I can hardly believe he's almost here! He's still very active all throughout the day. Kai laughs watching my belly jump from all the hard kicks this little one can give. Maybe all babies are this active, but I have a feeling he's going to have a lot of energy:-)
Don't worry--those pictures above his crib won't stay there. First of all, we live on the San Andreas Fault and don't want them falling on Kasen, and secondly they don't really match his room. But I haven't decided on what to put there yet. I've thought of a sturdy shelf that Kai assures he can mount so it won't fall in the event of an earthquake with some little things glued on like an airplane or helicopter and some other decorative things with either name or initials, but I'm still looking around for ideas. Feel free to share yours:-)
The dresser will also be the changing table once we get the pad that goes on top. Kai will assemble the ledge that encloses the pad so Kasen will be a little safer while being changed. The teddy bears and velveteen rabbit will probably move to his crib at that point.
His crib with bedding. This also is still unfinished. I need to wash the bedding still and there is an airplane/helicopter mobile that we're hoping to add still.
The armoire.
This is actually quite a lifesaver because it offers so much extra space for things. We weren't sure if we should get it or not at first, but are really happy we did.


  1. The nursery looks so cute! I love the bedding it matches perfect with the room. It looks like you are ready for Kasen to arrive:) You did a great job getting the room ready.

  2. I love the nursery. The furniture is awesome. I love the little airplanes and helicopters. It looks like you painted that wall to purposely match the decor! Isn't that what it's been for a long time? Anyways, can't wait to see the finished product!

    Here's what we had on the walls in Calebs room since you are looking for ideas. We hung two pictures of caleb as a newborn on his walls (either side of the window), his name in wooden letters painted to match his room and also his crib quilt with quilt clips since we didn't use blankets in his crib for almost a year. Oh, and we had our bumper turned the other way so Caleb could look at all the little cars on it.

  3. So cute! I love the furniture/crib you got - well worth the long, cold night in line for Black Friday!!! :) I told Jeff that Kasen's room actually looks like a nursery...with a deep sigh at the end. ;-P I'm still hoping we'll settle somewhere soon so I can decorate Anika's room at last. He asked if we need to have another baby so I feel like I was able to do it up right this time? :-D

  4. Kasen, what a fabulously fitting name!! Good on ya with getting the nursery done. We are still working out what to do for Z. . .

  5. I really like your nursery furniture! Looks like you're just about ready. So exciting!