Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Shower at Mesa Grande Academy

Here are the pictures I promised from the baby shower at my school (2 Sunday's ago). It was for the 2nd grade teacher and myself who are due 5 weeks apart. It was beautiful! I will post pictures soon of the most recent shower (this past Sunday) that Lauren threw for me. That was also beautiful and fun. For now, enjoy these pictures....
Diaper cakes and handmade guestbooks each matching our themes
The food was amazing!
There were so many gifts!
Our "thrones":-)

36 weeks along
Me and Elisa--such a great friend!It's been so much fun being pregnant with a close friend. We talk about all the weird things we're going through and get ideas from each other. I'm due March 4 and she's due April 7.
Dr. Seuss's "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" matching onesies. We'll have to get pictures after our boys grow into these. Such a cute gift!
One of my students wrote and illustrated a book featuring her classmates, me, and Mr. Steele (Kai) as the main characters. I was a stork who took care of babies as I passed them along to their new parents and Kai brought me a baby of my own. Our baby had a red beak like his dad, Mr. Steele, who happened to be a beakadontist. It was SO special! I will always treasure this gift! She also included a CD of her reading the story! I could hardly make it through the story without crying!
Here is my student, Jordan, who wrote the book. She also made the sling I'm wearing. It's reversible and super cute! She's such a talented girl!
What a great shower! Kai was amazed when I brought home a loaded car. I work for such an amazing school filled with so many wonderful people!


  1. Wow what a great shower and look at all of those gifts!! I love how they decorated they sure went all out:)

  2. What a wonderful group of friends and associates you have there, Kristi!!! An all-out effort for such a wonderful occasion! Thanks for posting the pictures!