Friday, September 12, 2008

True Confessions of a Klepto

It’s true. I’m a thief. It’s been hard to come to terms with, but with a little therapy I know I’ll be fine.

It all happened last weekend. We were on our way to the beach with Brit, Jamie, and Jillian. We decided that in order to make it the best beach experience, we needed to stop and buy an easy-up to block the sun. Then we could stay all day without getting fried and I wouldn’t have to worry about heating the baby up too much in the sun.

We were all having a great time as we stopped at Sports Chalet (now there’s a place we could easily blow ten grand!). Kai stayed with the stuff and the rest of us went in to look around. We picked out the one we were going to get and I started hauling it up to the front which wasn’t too hard since it had wheels—thankfully some nice store guy came and hauled it the rest of the way for me though. When I got to the front, I picked up two packs of gum since I was out. I decided to open one pack and chew a piece while I waited for the others to make their way to the front. “No problem”, I thought, “I’ll pay for this in just a minute anyway.”

Everyone finally made their way to the front. We paid for the easy-up, and were on our way. As we were all in the car talking, laughing, and driving down the freeway, I was enjoying my gum. Then the realization hit me. I never paid for the gum! I truly have the memory of a pregnant woman! I slipped it in my purse without even realizing it and walked out of the store. I was a thief! I blurted that out to everyone in the car, only to be laughed at. So, of course I immediately called the store and tried to explain the situation to them and the fact that my memory of late has been somewhat absent, and they laughed at me too! I promised to repay them and fix the situation as soon as possible. We ended up going back that night after the beach day and I paid for both packs of gum.

Now my conscience is clear again. But I couldn’t help but thinking—too bad we hadn’t visited a new car dealership instead…I could really use a new car…ha ha!

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  1. Welcome to pregnancy!! It's said that you loose 5% of your brain capacity that will never return. With it goes your memory.