Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baby Movements

Update! I've felt the baby move the last 3 nights in a row! It's amazing!!! I was lying in bed on Saturday night and felt a strange fluttering feeling. It was so extremely light, I had to have Kai be really quiet and I had to hold still, but it was obviously there. I wasn't sure if it could really be the baby, so I waited again until the next night and I felt the same thing. Again, I waited another night and it was there again. The same feeling--a very light flutter in the same spot for several minutes. I absolutely LOVE it! I know the baby is there and the flutters remind me of how small and fragile the baby really is. It really makes me realize that I already have a motherly role to protect our baby. Kai is a little jealous that he can't feel it yet, but knows that it won't be too long before he'll be able to feel it too. I also can't wait for that day--how exciting!

We also had our 2nd appt. today with our Dr. It went well. Kai came with me and we heard the heartbeat right away with the Doppler. It was SO cool! It was beating in the 150 beats per minute range. We can't wait to hear it again!


  1. Yay! Isn't is such a relief to finally feel it and know it's ok? I was looking in my journal I kept and it was def. 14 weeks 1 day when I felt him the first time and 16 weeks 1 day when I felt the first distinct kick. I think that's close to what I told you previously. Did you guys schedule your ultrasound yet? It seems like it would be coming up in the next appointment or so.

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!! Isn't it AMAZING!?!?! It's hard to be sure but when you are, it's very exciting!!!! Kai will feel it soon and then the baby won't stop moving :o)