Thursday, September 11, 2008


Praise the Lord for testing! We have ITBS testing next week in school and that means I get a break while I’m teaching. It’s pretty easy to read a scripted message, set a timer, and monitor while the kids test. I can work on other stuff in the meantime too and I definitely intend to! Although it’s boring for the kids, I welcome the easy schedule for a few days and try and pack in fun stuff in the free moments. We’ll see if they still like school after testing is over;-)

Poor Kai. He also has a very busy week of testing ahead of him too with some tough tests. BUT…AFTER he is done, he will be my full husband again!!! I’m really looking forward to coming home and hanging out together with no distractions. He’s been amazing these last couple of years when it comes to keeping a good balance, but this quarter has been tough on all the 3rd year students. Thankfully it’s done on Thursday at noon!!!

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