Saturday, June 16, 2012

Backyard Times

I've been playing around with my camera lately, and these are some pictures I took in our backyard last night.  The boys were really good about it even though Kelton broke down for a few minutes near the end (you can see in the following pictures). 

Both boys love (and always have) to swing.  We bought our play set a couple of weeks ago off Craigslist.  My dad and I went and disassembled it (I was impressed that we were able to get it by ourselves--the thing is pretty large), and Kai and I reassembled it at our house.  I had been looking at several new sets for weeks, but the ones we wanted were very expensive and I just couldn't rationalize that much money for something they would only use for a few years, so I started looking for used ones.  

I came across what ended up being "the one" and was so thankful I emailed about it so quickly and said we would take it.  The woman we bought it from had over 50 people after us all wanting to buy it.  It needed work to make it look new again (power washing, sanding, and re-staining), but it looks nice now and the boys spend hours every day on it!  It has 2 slides (one is a 360 covered), 3 swings, 4 rock climbing walls, monkey bar rings, 2 towers, a bridge/walkway, 2 sandbox areas, and a few accessories.  We feel so grateful to have found it because the boys are entertained for hours now! 




  1. Wonderfully restored!!! Looks GORGEOUS! Nice work, family! Enjoy for YEARS to come!!!

  2. Great photos! I LOVE the toes!