Friday, June 15, 2012


Our baby birds are hatching!!!  1 started hatching today and we got to see it as soon as it hatched!  The pictures below are within 4 hours of each other.  The ones with no fuzz are the initial pictures and the ones with fuzz are 4 hours later.  I did a little research and I think the blue speckled eggs are common house finches and the brown speckled eggs are brown headed cowbirds (which lay eggs in other bird nests!).  3 of each.  The bird that hatched is a brown headed cowbird if my research is correct.  I knew they should be hatching any day due to my research, so we kept checking yesterday and today.  The boys LOVED it!  Kelton "talked" very excitedly about it, even though we didn't understand what he was saying.  He was very enthusiastic though!  And Kasen wanted to look at them every 10 minutes.  He had SO many questions (like always)!  He is definitely going to keep us busy... 

Many of you may have experienced this many times and aren't overly impressed, but this is a first for me (except watching chicks hatch at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago)!  I think I loved it as much as the boys did!  BTW, every time I talk, the baby bird looks in my direction and opens his mouth looking for food.  I'm sure he does that for any noise, but I thought it was SO precious!  Life is so amazing!

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  1. Great photos!
    If my memory serves me correctly, the cowbirds will be raised by their "foster" parents. They usually tend to be larger than the "biological" babies and will get most of the food and crowd out the other babies from the nest. Just a head up on the other side of the life cycle that you may experience!