Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Kasen!

This past weekend we celebrated Kasen’s 1 year birthday. His actual birthday is still 2 weeks away, but most of our family was here for Kai’s white coat ceremony (pics of that later), so we thought we’d take advantage of the opportunity and celebrate a little early.

I handmade the all of the invitations with one of my best friends, Elisa. She’s singlehandedly one of the most creative people I know and with her help we came up with some very cute invitations. Since the party was scheduled for the day before the Super Bowl, I decided to theme the party around that (and sports in general). We stayed up until midnight gluing, cutting, folding, etc., but had so much fun! Pictures are below.

The party had a great turn out. I sent out 20 invitations thinking we would get about 1/2 of those to actually show up considering all the big events of the weekend, but as the rsvp's were coming in, I realized I might have underestimated that number. The day of the party we had 52 people here!! It was raining, so we had to have it inside, and if you've been to our home, you know that that means we were very cozy! We served a full lunch of homemade mac and cheese with various side dishes. Kasen now has more toys than he can even think about being interested in, so Kai and I have considered hiding them and bringing one new toy out each week...not sure what we're going to do.

It’s a pop-up card, so when you pull on the sides, the picture of Kasen pop’s up from inside.

He really didn't like the taste of cake. (He obviously doesn't take after me on that one!)
Kai's dad decorated this cake. It's been tradition that he's decorated his boys' cakes since they were young children. We were so happy he could carry on that tradition for Kasen's first birthday!
Not sure what to do.
He was shocked when everyone started singing to him. This look was priceless!
The toy pile. Most of his new birthday toys aren't even pictured here. Thankfully, we plan to have more kids so we'll never have to buy toys again, right?

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  1. Those are the cutest invites! I love the pop up! The cake is priceless too. I have always made my boy's cakes too, even when it would have been sooooo much easier to buy one! (family fun has great cake/cupcake ideas to help out FYI).
    And the next kid will like TOTALLY different toys! Lol!