Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One year

Here’s a brief re-cap of Kasen's year:

1 month: Started smiling (and hasn't stopped since).

2 months: We got 7 hours and 9 hours of sleep straight through! We felt like new people.

3 months: Learned to squeal in delight as he watched Shamu at Sea World. He also rolled over and knew his name.

4 months: Sat alone.

5 months: 1st and 2nd teeth popped through.

6 months: Started crawling, rode on an airplane for the first time, and got the 3rd and 4th teeth.

7 months: Said “Mama” and got 5th and 6th teeth.

8 months: Said “Dada”, stood alone, and waved bye-bye.

9 months: Started walking and tooth #7 arrived .

10 months: Started running and got his 8th tooth.

11 months: Said “ball”.

I can’t believe all that’s happened in one short year!

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  1. Trust me--time doesn't slow down. My baby is now as tall as me and will turn 13 in just a couple of months. And just the other day, I realized that my other baby is going to be 10. When did this happen?! Enjoy every moment. Because they start going by in warped speed