Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It all started on Thursday...

It all started on Thursday...
...when I picked up this beautiful blue hydrangea from Trader Joe's...
...Kai felt bad that I bought myself flowers. So he went out and brought home these beautiful roses. (He's always been so good about keeping me supplied with a fresh flowers. Ever since we've been married he's faithfully brought home flowers almost every week. Yup, I'm bragging. He's not perfect, but he's close. And since you're reading my blog and know that I don't do this often, you can choke it down this one time ;-)
Today I went to my mom's group and won this cute potted flower.
At the mom's group today we learned about the art of flower arranging from a reputable man who owns a local flower business. He shared some great tips to keep your flowers beautiful and long lasting. There were several tips I had never heard of before and even a few that we all had to ask for clarification on since they seemed opposite of what you would think. It was so fun and now I have a mini garden of beautiful flowers gracing our home!

If you visit again in a few hours I'll share some of these top secret flower keeping tricks with you, but right now I have to rescue my son and run to my step aerobics class, so I'm outta time!

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