Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

We just got back from a trip to the east coast, preceded by a trip to Nevada and Arizona, preceded by a trip to Michigan, which was also preceded by a trip to Northern California and Oregon. These trips have been fun to take as a family, but I'm always happy to get back to our home, sweet Kasen proofed home.

Let me paint a brief mental picture.... If you've met Kasen then you know that he is a bundle full of energy; literally a tornado. Aren't all boys? He detests his car seat for long periods of time, he LOVES new toys whether or not they are actually toys (glass vases, cat food, toilet paper, and bathrooms all constitute "toys"). Restaurants are great places to flirt and try out his new vocal talents, not to mention devising creative new ways to snatch food from mommy and daddy's plates. And who needs to sleep when we're traveling? As long as we're in a new place, I can count on waking up with him at least 4 times each night or 7 on the bad ones.

While we were on the trip, Kasen started saying "Dada". He's been saying "Mama" for several months, but hadn't mastered "Dada" yet. Now it's his preferred word and he says "Dada" everywhere we go. Kasen took his first steps a little over a month ago, but still preferred crawling as it was faster. During this trip however, he switched from mostly crawling to mostly walking. He gained the confidence to let go of our hands and walk on his own. It's fun to watch, but we also realize that this adds a whole new dimension to his capabilities for destruction. ;-) Though it's exhausting, it's so much fun being a parent. I'll take the up-7-times-a-night days because they're followed by the (however brief) moments when he smiles big and says "mama", wants to cuddle, or is laughing hysterically while playing with Kai. These are the moments I love!

So now that the traveling is done, we have narrowed our search down to 3 cities/areas. They are all completely different from each other. I won't share where any of the three are yet, but I promise that once we have decided on one, I will share. To be continued....


  1. Whaaaat?!!! You are thinking of leaving So Cal?! I still had a very tiny hope you'd teach Chace next year. Sigh. Good luck on the decision

  2. wow, i obviously not followed your blog for a while. i read hints about three cities, and then a bunch of posts of tropical destinations... i've searched your blog archives for hints of what your future plans are, but to no avail.

    what are you guys up to? or should i ask... where are you? =) it sounds like kai is done and now you guys are thinking of settling somewhere?

    we're still in exciting buchanan, michigan. =) and loving it too.