Monday, July 13, 2009

A Simple Week

Since Kai has started school again, things around here have been relaxed and more ordinary again. Here are a few pictures from our week and a little progress on Kasen:
About a week and a half ago Kasen started to sit on his own.

He actually picked this heavy soccer ball up off the ground and put it up to his mouth to try and chew on it. He has been drooling incessantly lately and chewing on everything he can get his hands on. Is this an early sign of teething? I have NO idea. It doesn't really matter anyway, but it's fun to wonder about all the possible developments:-)
Dinner one day this week-Bruschetta. The tomatoes and basil are from our small garden. We have already picked 20-30 large tomatoes, 100-150 cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and more!
Time with Aunt Katie
Eeek! A kiss from a girl!


  1. Loved getting another "Kasen Fix" in almost real time!!!

    Cover him with kisses & hugs.....

    GmE Nini

  2. Yup....drooling can mean teeth are starting...of course, you might not see them for a few more months yet!!
    Before you know it, Kasen is going to be crawling all over!!