Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camping and Creeping...

Kai planned a class camping trip this past weekend to the mountains. We had such a fun time. It's not the first trip he's planned and won't be the last because we always have such a great time. Here are 2 pictures from the weekend.
Hiking to Keller Peak with a group of friends. One of them took this picture of Kasen after he cashed in during the hike. (This is a typical picture of Kasen during our walks.)
This one is from the observatory at Keller Peak. The hummingbirds were flying right up next to us and Kasen thought they were the coolest thing. It was so cute to watch! We didn't know this picture was being taken and we hadn't showered yet this day, so you're not allowed to make any judgements! We forgot our camera, so I have to post pictures from other people:-)

Friday night worship by the campfire. Fun times!

is "creeping" around the house now--not crawling, but scooting around quite a bit. He's reaching for toys and still chewing on everything! Here are a few pictures from the week. Unfortunately I'm really good at taking pictures during vacations, but not so good with the day to day events. Hope you understand and still enjoy what's here;-)

Everyone always comments on how long Kasen is and how happy he is. People stop me all the time and tell me that they've never seen a more happy baby. Whether or not that's true, I'm thankful for such a happy and content little guy. He honestly only cries when he's tired or hungry and even then it's more of a fussy cry than an upset cry. At the camp out this weekend, everyone kept telling us, "If I knew my baby would be as good as Kasen is, then I'd have one right now!" While I was beaming with pride, and would have loved to say, "Yeah, it's because we're such GREAT parents!", I really can't take the credit for him. I know sometimes you are blessed with an easy baby and other times you are not. I know that we are not the perfect parents and don't have parenting figured out by far yet, but it's still fun for any parent to hear--especially after I was SO nervous that he'd keep the whole camp up at night;-)


And now, after all that talk of what a happy baby he is, I thought I'd share a clip of him being fussy during dinnertime--just for a small reality check. No--he's not perfect, just almost...:-)


  1. Love the photo of Kasen's little rear in the air! hehe....
    Seeing your hiking pictures reminds me of one of the times that we took Grant hiking. He was eating more solid foods, So I have all these baby jars packed ('cause, while my friends would take the food out of the jars and put them in zip lock bags, I was afraid that the food would spoil since the seal had been broken). Then somehow we missed a turn on the trail. Soooo, we are literally bush wackin' with Grant in the back pack, I'm madder than a wet hen because our hour hike is now reaching the several hour hike mark and I'm running out of food for my kid!! (we obviously found our way back....but a mommy who is stressed in the mountains is NOT a good thing!! hehe)

  2. Love the YouTube clip, we need to get ourselves a camcorder so we can do the same thing!

  3. Starla I love the mental picture of this!! You are SO funny! I can only imagine how heavy your daypack was with all those jarred baby foods! We've only made small trips and since I'm still breastfeeding, all we need are diapers, wipes, and water:-) Not sure I'll be as brave as you when he starts solids in a few months. But the next time we go hiking, I'm going to carry that mental picture with me the whole way for a good laugh!

    And Larry you definitely have to record some of those priceless first moments! We just use our regular digital camera and just upload short clips. It's completely worth it! Besides, I'm dying to see video of your little one!

  4. that is one passionate taster!! :)

    love the photos and updates... what an energetic guy!

    hugs from berrien,
    rob, sarah and melanie