Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kasen's 3 Week Pictures

Kasen turned 3 weeks on Tuesday! He's getting bigger and more alert everyday. His big eyes focus much more on us and on close objects. It's amazing how much he's already changing!
Kasen on his playmat. He loves looking at all the bright, colorful things on here and he even occasionally bats at all the objects, but I don't think those movements are intentional yet.
Sleeps like his daddy.
Hammock time--I'm SO happy finals are over for Kai. He's much more relaxed now.
Kasen loves Daddy time.
Don't you love his shirt? It was a gift from a dental school friend. And the little booties are handmade by Deidre. Love them both!
The hair question--which color would you say it is? Blondish or Reddish? We still debate over it.
Beautiful smile
We love walking and hiking as a family now.

The Loma Linda hills--beautiful and green right now.


  1. He is so CUTE! I think his hair looks red.It is so cute and he has so much of it:)

  2. Love all the new pictures! I think he looks strawberry blonde. Who knows maybe he will lose it all and it will grow in a different color. I love love love that onsie too! Way cool. I can't believe he's a month old tomorrow!

  3. Can you believe what a difference three weeks makes!! He's getting soo big.

    btw. I'm in the red hair camp!