Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gone Fishing...

Today we spent a beautiful day up at Oak Glen hiking on the trails No--though I like the outdoors, you will not find me fishing if I can help it. However, Kai could be seen fishing today for something very important....

It all started here on the floating dock. Pictured below: Kai with Kasen snugly in the Baby Bjorn.
Beautiful day--all smiles. Next we decided to get a family picture on self timer.
We have our self timer set to take a series of pictures every few seconds. Follow the progression to see what happened....

Kai: "I just dropped my sunglasses."

Me: "Where? Which ones?"

Kai: "Ummm...into the lake..."

Me: "That stinks. Which ones were they?"

Kai: "My nice ones."

Me: "What!? You mean your Dolce & Gabbana pair???" (Notice I'm about ready to jump in myself.)

Kai pictured after the successful fishing excursion. If it had not been successful, he was ready to try his hand at diving (even though the water was freezing). Note the big smile.

Me: Very thankful I didn't have a soaking wet, freezing cold husband to drive home. Note my big smile.

Instead, we celebrated by going out for frozen yogurt. Yummm!


  1. It looks like you guys had a great time except for Kai dropping his glasses in the water. I bet it was such a nice break to just get away for a little bit from the studying!! I can not wait for this week to get over!

  2. And --- WHO was holding the baby? Guys - you're parents now! No jumping in a lake for sunglasses without FIRST removing baby! Poor Kasen!

  3. hahah this is very cute! what a creative way to retell the story :)