Monday, October 20, 2008

Top 10

I thought since I didn’t have anything super exciting to share like graphic knee injury pictures or ultrasound pictures, I would create a Top 10 Favorite Things List. This is not all inclusive or necessarily in order of favorites—rather just what I could come up with in my musings today….

#10 Goofing Around

(I like big butts [and guts] and I cannot lie....haha)

#9 Outdoor Adventures

#8 Traveling

#7 Hanging out with Friends

(I know I'm leaving out some great friends, but so many times we leave our camera at home at I couldn't find good pictures--so sorry--but good friends know who they are anyway;-)

(Courtesy of
#6 Our Dog Kopper
#5 Being With Family/Holidays
#4 Weekend Getaways

#3 Serving

#2 Being Married
#1 Getting Ready to Be Parents


  1. Love the top ten idea. Hope that all is going well for you and your pregnancy.

  2. Great pictures! What a good idea! Love them! I'm not sure I've seen any from the wedding, and Korea --- too far away! Boo hoo! We've missed too much for too many years!
    Love you anyway all the time!
    Uncle Wayne and Auntie Aleta