Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's a ........BOY!!!!!

Before the ultrasound we're patiently waiting and hoping to hear we have a healthy baby. We're also hoping of course to find out the gender.
In the room waiting for the technician.
Not the greatest shot, but wanted to inlcude you in on the whole experience.

It's definitely a boy! The ultrasound tech said she was 99.9% sure because she's not allowed to say 100% sure.

Another clear shot. I'm sure he'll be mad at us in a few years when he realizes how we've violated him by sharing these pictures! Ha Ha!;-)

Great facial profile. I love this picture!!
So maybe my step class at the Drayson has had some effect on him. He's doing toe touches. (lying on his back grabbing his feet--So cute!--I'm biased, I know.)

Hand shot with his index finger pointing straight up.
Foot shot. The doctor got this one and labeled it "goal" for us since it's the side profile of his foot and it looks like he's kicking a ball.
Footprint shot. This is what his footprints might look like in the sand sometime soon:-)
Another footprint shot. I loved these, so we got two.
He has his legs stretched out and looks like he's sitting on the camera.

So are we happy it's a boy? No--we're ecstatic! I've only had sisters (5 to be exact), so I'm really excited for the challenge of raising a boy. Kai of course is SO happy! It was so great to watch him as we got the news. I know he'll be a GREAT dad!


  1. Oh, my cute little grandson!!

  2. Couldn't sleep for eagerness to see the newest pictures of our sweet little baby!! And to hear/see the news "It's a BOY!!" makes the reality of HIS soon appearance SO EXCITING!!

    The head profile is awesome, the finger and foot shots amazing, and the miracle of creation leaves me breathless.

    We can hardly wait for your arrival!!!

    Love you forever ~ GmE Nini

  3. I love all the pictures! I'm so excited for you guys!!!! You are going to have a beautiful baby boy!

  4. Wow it is about time that somebody has a boy:) Congrats we are very excited for you and Kai!

  5. It's exciting to be able to keep in touch across the miles...and continents!
    Congratulations on your little miracle!