Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Few Pregnancy Pics

Here are a few pregnancy pictures from this past week (33 weeks).  Honestly I'm starting to feel really uncomfortable now and wonder how I'll make it 6 1/2 more weeks...  We have been extremely busy the last 10 days with our little vacation, but have been having tons of fun.  I saw Kai off on the airplane this morning and will join him again next weekend :-(  It's going to be hard to be apart from him for almost a week, but I couldn't resist a little more warm weather and sunshine.  K loved the airport and watching the planes land and take off.  He screams "Pair Plane!!! Pair Plane!!!"  every time he sees one.  On our first plane ride of the trip, Airforce One landed at our airport and we were able to see the President board and then take off.  Very cool.  I don't know if K will remember it later or not, but we have pictures to remind him.  I'll try to post those another day...
K pointing out Mommy's baby...
 K showing me "his baby" in his tummy.  He always makes me smile!  
Our little beach bum.  


  1. Kristi you are a very beautiful pregnant woman. Not many look as good as you do! You look so healthy! The way it should be! Best wishes on the coming delivery.

  2. It was so good to see you!! Hopefully, we'll get another chat before you leave!
    Ahhhh....gotta luv So Cal in January!! Enjoy the sun (hopefully, it will warm up again before you leave!)