Thursday, August 12, 2010


Was it planned? Nope. Not a chance. And you can be sure that we were more than shocked to read positive on the pregnancy test.
Would I have planned to be pregnant while:
  • I packed up the entire house solo while trying to keep Kasen occupied because the 2 weeks before we moved out and the week and a half after, Kai’s brother was in the ICU, so Kai was there pretty much 24/7
  • Moving from coast to coast on the bench seat of a Penske truck
  • Staying in hotels for almost a month straight
  • Unpacking seemingly endless boxes into a new home
  • Trying to get used to and accustomed to our new area including Kai starting a new job, buying another car, and all the paperwork that comes from moving to another state
  • Being extremely nauseous, dead tired, and chasing after a very active toddler
  • Not to mention leaving all of our close friends and family for a completely new place.
It was probably the worst timing possible for my 1st trimester. However, now that most of the trauma is behind us, we are very thankful to be expecting another baby which will put the two kids exactly 2 years apart. Originally we had wanted them 2 years apart, but foreseeing all the surmounting stress lying ahead, we decided to wait for a better time. Apparently God had other plans. Now we are just praying for another healthy, happy baby and I am also really looking forward to the passing of morning sickness. By the way “morning”? Ahem, WHO named it that??? It’s sooooo misleading. I think a more fitting term is: “alldaymakeyouwishyouweredead sickness”. Yup. Much more fitting.
Thankful to have all that behind us, and hoping to never again see the inside of another hotel room, we are settled, unpacked, and enjoying a much slower pace for right now. I saw the doctor this week and plan to have an ultrasound next week, so I’ll share more then. And, I am fully aware that I promised pictures of our house, so here are a few. (They were taken before we hung pictures.)

The fully loaded truck

In the backyard

Master bathroom

No, the chocolate carpet was not our first pick, but we're working with it...

We eat a lot of meals here

The river behind the house

Back view of the house


  1. Congrats on #2 and we love the house and the BEAUTIFUL surrounding area!! Put a tent in the back yard and your camping!

  2. And it's just as darling thru and thru. The brook is captivating and the whole environment invites peace and calm. Of course, K3 play a HUGE role in inviting relaxation too!!!

  3. What a lovely place to raise your growing family. You have such wonderful taste Kristi.

  4. Seriously, that is NOT the 1980's nightmare I was imagining. I actually think it's kind of cute. It has some major potential!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  5. My "dream house"!!!!! Beautiful! And, you have made it a lovely home after such a short time there! Love the country estate style, stream, green, WOW! I'd say God gave you a beautiful home!

  6. Marie Grant (Girven)Friday, August 13, 2010

    Congrats! BTW: What happened to Kai's brother?

  7. Sorry that #2 is giving you such fits this first trimester!! I was sicker than a dog with Grant, but with Chace, only slightly nauseated...of course the kid made up for that by being late (in the highest temps of summer) and by being a more difficult little guy to settle down.

    Your home setting is just BEAUTIFUL!! My boys (all "three") of them would just camp out by that river all summer. I would never see them!!